What would you suggest for lunch

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I don’t know what you’re options are, but Panera Bread is one of my favorites, next to sushi. Need a location near you?Ask ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-would-you-suggest-for-lunch ]
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Can you suggest a lunch meal that will help me stay alert??
The drowsiness one experiences after a meal can generally be attributed to the high levels of serotonin in the brain. High carbohydrate, low protein meals often generate serotonin levels high enough to induce a state of relaxation and drows…
What would you suggest for breakfast, lunch and snacks??
Hello Wendy, He should eat what he usually eat for breakfast. In between races, fruits such as bananas are great. Also bagels with cream cheese or jelly. For lunch, a nice turkey sandwich. The key is too eat a meal that gives him nutrition …
What do you suggest i eat fro lunch?
Why are you limiting your lunch to one thing or another. How about a piece of chicken, and a tossed salad? Limiting calories is only one part of a successful weight loss plan. Not only do you have to limit calories, but you need to make …

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Can anyone suggest a good lunch choice which would keep me full for about 3 hours, without containing meat?
Q: I need to go for this long examination which lasts about 3 hours and I really don’t want to concentrate on my stomach during the exam… I really would like some food choices which would keep my stomach satisfied for a good 3-4 hours so it doesn’t growl during the exam…
A: A Garden Burger. Veggie Pizza. A big salad. Are you avoiding all meat or just certain types? Tuna Salad if you are just avoiding meat but fish is okay.A big fruit salad is filled with fiber and fiber can give you a full feeling for a while. Also, try protein shakes. Salad and a protein shake could help keep away the cravings. – although be careful with this b/c not everyone’s stomach does well with a protein shake.
what would anyone suggest i eat for a health lunch/dinner?
Q: I can’t think of anything to eat, any suggestions on something thats healthy enough, tasty and i more then likely will have all the ingredients, thanks i feel really down!i said TASTY!
A: pasta, a sandwich with a healthy filling, chicken salad,
Can anyone living in Bangalore India suggest which restaurant in Koramangala would be good for a team lunch?
Q: As of now we are thinking about China Pearl or Bay leaf. Any suggestions are welcome. Need to decide within 2 hours.
A: you can check out the details here from http://www.bangalorecityvisionindia.com
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