Who is the designer for Shape Ups

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Shape Ups sneakers are designed by Skechers. And are supposed to: Promote weight loss, Strengthen the back, Firm calf and buttock muscles and Reduce cellulite and tone your thighs. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/who-is-the-designer-for-shape-ups ]
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How Male Designer Boxer Shorts Shape Up
What do boxer shorts mean for most of us? What do we think of or expect them to be? Most people old enough to remember will think of the famous jeans advert with the guy stripping off his jeans in the laundrette and then sitting in a pair…
How have fashion weeks shaped up designers?
There has been a tremendous help that designers receive. It is a platform to show the best designs. It shows the strength of India. An opportunity to showcase latest trends to international and domestic buyers under one roof, take Indian fa…
What basic shapes make up your characters’ design??
The very core of my designs are circular, or derivatives of the circle. I enjoy drawing perfect circles, and possess several very precise compasses for that exact purpose.

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Who are these fashion designers?
Q: Okay, this is a question for those who know about up and coming designers.I was watching Full Frontal Fashion, and they were showing a collection by two young guys that worked under a single name. I don’t remember much about the collection, except that all the models had very very high heels and were wearing hats. It was a great collection, and the runway was kind of in a square shape. I know that’s not much, but I need to know who these young guys are.No, it’s not DSquared2 or Heatherette, the guys seemed much younger, in their early twenties and are lesser known here in America.
A: Are you talking about these guys called Heatherette?
where can i get this necklace!!?? (or whats is called/ designer who makes it)?
Q: Okay, i got this necklace in chinatown and gave it to a friend, but now i wish i kept it because i like it sooo much. i dont know whether it was a copycat of something else, but i want one so bad, and dont know how to search for it without knowing the name of this certain type of necklace or whatever.. its a heart necklace with a chunky toggle chain, and a puffed up heart with clear jewels all over one side, and holes on the other side in the shape of hearts.. any idea what designer this comes from?thanks!
A: tarina tarantino is stuff that’s duplicated all the time, and also try looking into david yurman and betsey johnson stuff too. hope I helped!
Is it up to the fashion designers to change the shape of models?
Q: I hear all the time that models are accepted only if they are very thin and lack feminine curves. I hear this all the time that what is accepted are the very thin women who do not look older than 18. But who is responsible for this is it the fashion designers? I think so.I myself am a fashion designer and it gets to the point of where enough is enough. I am tired of seeing these women who are discouraged from eating healthy and looked down upon for their feminine shape. I have went as far as deciding to only let my clothing be modeled by women who look more like the women we see everyday. As a designer I think we reflect what we accept by the image we put out for all to see.
A: I agree completely!! I am so happy that there are actually fashion designers out there that are actually paying attention to this and trying to make a change. I have heard from many people on this subject that the only people who are outraged about this are overweight!! I think that is insane.. I am 5’5 110-115lbs and have a 34C bust size… I was always told i had modeling potential except for the height factor… but apparently having a chest ruins that for people!! I wish you the best of luck in the fashion world and spreading the word that you dont need to be flat chested and anorexic to be beautiful. This is the reason so many young girls have eating disorders it is a sad serious thing and i thank you for bringing light to this subject!!
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