What percentage of fat do swimmers have

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There isn’t one percentage of fat for swimmers. It depends on how often they swim, their age and other factors. However, regular swimming does lead to weight loss and lower body fat. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-percentage-of-fat-do-swimmers-have ]
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Does swimming decrease body fat percentage?
This question leads me to believe you know little to nothing about how the human body gains and loses weight, and it would take to long to explain it here, so I would suggest doing some of your own research on this subject matter if you rea…
What is the percentage of body fat in the womens body while swimm…?
Virtually exactly the same as when they are not swimming.

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what makes the most efficient swimmer?
Q: I am 6’4″ and weigh about 12 stone. I dont know excatly what my body fat percentage is but it is low like 13% or something. So although I am slim and ‘submarine shaped’ I cant do front crawl because I sink – that is i dont have the bouyancy to stay above the water. Even if i do breaststroke I have to go flat out to stay up.Sometimes I see big women who have a lot of body fat, they seem to be able to swim much better than me. Although they are ‘battleship shaped’ and have a lot of drag they have so much bouyancy it is easier for them to swim.the question is, is it easier for them to swim or am i just really unfit?p.s. why do you not see any black professional swimmers? is it because they have much less body fat?
A: Your dilemma here might be on technique but if you’re just talking about floating in the water then technically you’re not supposed to lie there still at all, you’re actually supposed to kind of push yourself up by gently swimming or at least using the physical properties of water to keep your afloat. It might sound confusing but you’ll know what I mean if you gently push the water away from you when you swim.But as I said before it also might be something to do with your technique. From what you’ve said it sounds like you have some problems with your kicking. I would suggest you try kicking a little bit harder and also try different body angles when you swim. They say that it’s hard to tell a swimmer’s best body angle in the water so it’ll take some time to develop it for you but if you simply experiment with them then you should find something that works for you. Try going really flat in the water and then gently bring up your angle. If nothing does it then try to swing your arms a little more when you swim freestyle, I know it’s against normal freestyle technique but it really helped me so I think it can keep you afloat better if both kicking ideas don’t work.As for the lack of black swimmers it’s hard to point it out but I believe I know why there aren’t many of them involved in swimming: their ancestors came from Africa, a very dry place with almost nowhere to swim so since their ancestors didn’t do it their offspring also didn’t do it. I know it’s surrounded by ocean but it also might be some technical tradition thing from tribes and cultures but in today’s society it’s really not easy to see why. I think it’s kind of an issue with being around so many people of the same sex but that’s really all I can think of.
why do women typically weigh more than men?
Q: Haha, I tried to make that title as un-sexist as possible, hope I did well… ;PAnyway, I know that women have a higher recommended body fat percentage in order to be healthy, this probably factors in women’s hips and breasts and such that men lack. But I still am a bit mind-boggled as to what accounts for this difference? I’ll give my example.I’m a 5 foot 8 guy whose 130ish pounds. I know this sounds very lightweight but I’ve got to stress that I’m strong in comparison to my size. I can bench my bodyweight (probably a little bit more), I can do almost 15 Lat pullups (the wide grip kind that are much harder and require strong lats for), and although I have a low body fat percentage, it’s not low enough that I have a 6 pack (just a slight outline of one). In comparison, one of my female friends is a major athlete. She’s a hardcore swimmer in UIL, who swims for about 3 hours a day and weight trains every other day. (And to clarify, she’s successful, so this should help prove my case). SHE on the other hand is about 135 and the same exact height as me, and has almost no excess body fat on her. So where is she holding all of this weight!!?? Or rather, why am I lacking weight? We have gym together and I lift much more than her on every machine in the gym. This makes no sense to me… is it possible that I have strong muscles, but that for some reason don’t grow as large as other guys of comparable strength? I mean, this girl isn’t an anomaly, I just used her for an example. I’ve noticed I weight similar to many other girls, even fit ones that are shorter than me. My mother is in the best shape of her life (she can run 9 miles at a time and does over 30 a week) and yet she is only a couple pounds lighter than me.If anyone can shed some light, it would be much appreciated. 😀 Thanks!So how can she possibly carry 5Edit: To the woman who said the girl has more muscle than me, she doesn’t. That’s why I mentioned that I out-lift her on every machine in the gym. To the gentleman with the reply below hers, all that I can say is that I disagree. Err, I agree that I don’t weight much for a guy, and actually if you read the last part of my post, you’ll see that that is part of my question; why don’t I weigh more?But to expand, I disagree on what constitutes being strong… It is not considered strong to bench 1.5x your weight, that’s considered beastly. But even in that case, if you can bench that much in comparison to what you weigh, that means you’re neglecting other muscle groups. That’s the bottom line. But if I must give more evidence, I have a friend who lifts the exact same amount as me in every way, but weighs 20 pounds more. Also, he is 1 inch shorter and has the same body fat percentage as me… Explain this, please.
A: Women do not usually weigh more then guys. Some women gain weight after having children and find it hard to lose it because of a low metabolism. You are lightweight for a guy and just to let you know benching your body weight does not make you strong for your size. To be considered in good shape you must be able to bench your body weight plus half. Really you should be asking why you are so small compared to most women.
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