Why is cottage cheese good for you

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Cottage cheese is high in protein, low in fat, and great as a substitute for higher-fat cheeses. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-is-cottage-cheese-good-for-you ]
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Is cottage cheese good for you?
yeah its full of protein and less fat.
Is cottage cheese good for dogs?
You can feed a small amount of cottage cheese to dogs. Many dogs with cancer are fed cottage cheese with flaxseed oil. Start off with a very small amount and see if there is any adverse reaction. Some…not all, dogs are lactose intolerant….
What is cottage cheese good with?
Honestly the best way to really enhance the flavor is just some good old fashioned Salt and Pepper. BUT, I also get bored with it. And sometimes add a little low-fat shredded cheese, which is really good. If you want you can also add it to …

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why is cottage cheese so good for you to eat while youre dieting?
Q: Is regular cottage cheese ok to eat or just the low fat and fat free? I’ve cut my calories.. I mostly eat fish, veggies/ fruit. Do I need to cut my portions? I’m finding it difficult to loose weight and I’m getting frustrated. Please help..
A: You do need to cut your portions, if they are large. 4-6 oz of fish and as much veggies as you want and watch the calories on the fruit. As for cottage cheese, the calcium and protein in it (the low fat version..never go fat free…ew) promote weight loss and maintain muscle mass.
Why is cottage cheese so good for body builers or people who work out?
A: A lot of people eat cottage cheese before bed because the kind of protein in it is casein. Whey protein is easily digested, which makes it ideal for post-workouts. Casein is digested at a much slower rate, thus, it makes it ideal for while you’re sleeping, since you can’t feed your body protein while you’re sleeping.
I heard Cottage Cheese is good for dogs. Why is it good, what does it have in it that is good for them?
Q: My dog loves it. He gets it as his “special treat”. What a spoiled little doggie! Lol.But seriously, can I feed it everday?
A: Cottage cheese .. in moderation is good for dogs. It’s good for us too! One of the reasons it’s so good is that it’s an easily digestible protein. In other words, a dog or a person can break down that protein and put it to use in their body easier than we can break down other proteins. I wouldn’t feed it everyday. You can make your dog really picky about eating doing things like that. But I do use it and feed it when my dog has been especially active. Like, after a flyball tourney. They run off a lot of calories over a weekend and the cottage cheese replaces that and … my dog loves it. I think he loves flyball tourneys because he knows he gets some cheese after. 😀
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