Are raw steaks better for you

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Karl Loren’s Human Raw Meat Diet Recommendations: “I conclude that Human Raw Meat Diet would absolutely reverse virtually any heart disease symptom.” ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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What is the best way to freeze raw steak?
Cover tightly with freezer paper or foil. If using plastic bags, make sure to remove as much air as possible. Date the package.
How long does raw steak stay good outside the refridgerator??
The rule of thumb( and the USDA/FDA) is 4 hours. Keep in mind that if you don’t eat steak well done, you would not be able to kill any “inner” bacteria that may have formed from the steak being at room temp for over the allotted…
What happen to good quality raw steak after 2 days of refrigerati…?
i usually buy four pieces of steaks, in totall weighing about a little more than 1 kilo gram, in costco Seoul in S.Korea. the beef steak i buy in there is all from Austriallia. i found those meats tend to be tender and very beefy. our famil…

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What type of food should I feed a new siberian puppy from childhood to adulthood?
Q: I have heard that for feeding your siberian husky that you shouldn’t trust commercial dog food such as pedgree and other’s. That it is better to feed them raw steak and eggs, or raw eggs and chicken breast’s. Is this true and should the chicken be stripped of the bones and just the meat to insure that the dog doesn’t choke. Also when the pup is young and fresh from the breeder what should i feed him for how long, until he is ready for the transition of food?
A: hmmm
Raw food diets….Good stories, bad stories….for cats…?
Q: Ok, right now I have my kitten on EVO, sometimes Before grain. I use mostly wet and leave her dry EVO during the day, just so she isn’t hungry. Not a lot, just a few nibbles. Don’t want a fat kitty! However, I was considering a raw food diet. What has been your experience on a raw food diet? I feel she is a bit young. i tried giving her a tiny bite of raw steak and she couldn’t chew it. Fowl is probably best though. Any bad stories? What do you feed your cat that is on a raw food diet? Anything else you want to add, please do.
A: I do not feed my cats raw food. But the person who has taught me the most about feline nutrition does. Here is her website: where she tells how to read cat food labels to really know what we are feeding them when we use commercial cat food, and also she describes what she feeds to her cats. And here is a discussion forum that she is moderator of: it is not very active at this time, but there are many past discussions that may be of use to you.
How come raw vegans always feel superior to the rest of us who are vegetarian and vegan?
Q: I’m a vegan and my friend is a raw vegan. She always says that if I am going to eat cooked vegetables I might as well eat a steak, because it is not good for. Far be it, I call her and idiot and ignorant but alot of raw vegans I know feel this way. Is it me, or have you also known people like this?Either way, cooked veggies are still goodoverall I know 11 raw vegans
A: Ur’ completely right and totally entitled 2 urown opinion, so serve up those hot cooked veggiesand enjoy ur choice NOT hers,’kay! ! !
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