Can diabetes cause hyperventilation

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Diabetes is indeed one of the diseases that can cause hyperventilation. [ Source: ]
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Can diabetes cause hyperventilation
Diabetes is indeed one of the diseases that can cause hyperventilation.

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Each of the tiles matches one of the descriptions associated with diabetes mellitus.?
Q: •Polydipsia •Obesity •Glycosuria •Metabolic acidosis •Hyperglycaemia a feature of Type-II rather than type-I diabetes mellitus. seen when the requirment for insulin is greater than is secretion 3.causes an osmotic diuresis 4.diuresis leads to dehydration which promotes thirst and drinking. 5.can cause respiratory compensation leading to hyperventilation.
A: 1. obesity2. Hyperglycemia3. Polydipsia4. ANother guess5. a wrong guess
Ever since I was diagnosed with an HPV infection…?
Q: I have had anxiety attacks thinking that I have every terminal illness from cancer to diabetes to AIDs. I have had my blood tested for everything and am turning up completely healthy. I have been diagnosed with hyperventilation which is causing me to have tingles in my lips and hands and I am not able to eat becaues I feel nauseas. Can anyone help me get over this silliness so I can live a normal life again?
A: Speak to your primary care physician about this. Maybe consider asking for a referral for psychiatry.
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