Can pathogens kill you

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A pathogen (noun) is an agent that causes disease, especially a living microorganism such as a bacterium or. Some can kill you. ChaCha again! [ Source: ]
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How does alcohol kill pathogens?
Alcohol is a natural antiseptic that has been used in the medical field for over 100 years because it kills pathogens in seconds, without water, and evaporates quickly. Alcohol mixed with water kills bacteria and viruses by dissolving prote…
How long does it take to kill the pathogens?–000–1-0–010—4—–0–0-10l–11fr-5000—50-help-0—01131-001-110utfZz-8-0-0&a=d&c=who&cl=CL1.1&d=Jwho93e.14
The disinfecting effect of chlorine is not instantaneous. The amount of pathogens killed depends upon the ‘contact time’ between the dosing and the drinking. For our purposes, a minimum contact time of 30 minutes is essential. However, when…
What type of blood cell attacks and kills pathogens?
White blood cells attack, engulfs and kills pathogens. Various types of white blood cells exist and each one is specialized on killing different types of pathogens. There are white cells that kill pathogens that cause acute infections while…

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How does the immune system “learn” to kill new pathogens, and how come sometimes it cant?
Q: Please, no jargon and no answers consisting solely of links to wikipedia.I know that there are some pathogens that every person is born immune to.And I know that there are a lot more pathogens that most people are not initially immune to but when they get infected by that particular pathogen, the immune system fights it and “remembers” it so it has an easier time killing it next time.Obviously the evolutionary advantages to this are very clear and it’s no wonder that humans evolved this system.But how does your immune system LEARN? And how come there are some organisms that it can’t learn, like AIDS?This is very interesting to me and I would love to learn about it in great detail.Thank you.
A: Hello and I’m glad you really want to learn unlike few other here lol Well here goes the explanation (my own):Well when a pathogen gets into your body for the first time your WBC (B cells in particular) try to attack them by producing Anitibodies. This is the key thing. Then once Antibodies are produced the B-Cell produce (Memory cell) and this is how these specific pathogens are remembered and those same Antibodies will be secreted the next time that pathogen attack you or me.Now secondly why can’t our immune system capture HIV (which is the virus) AIDS is the disease. So HIV is a tricky bastard. First thing is it is a virus. It is a type of virus that has receptors on them and these receptors have to attach to your cell in order for it to attack. Your immune cells try to come in and attach to the HIV’s receptor.This is where it gets tricky. HIV keeps CHANGING/Mutating it’s receptor. So, our immune cells cannot recognize them anymore. But, those receptors still match our other cells. So, we get infected and eventually it wipes out our immune system because it outsmarts it. It kills T-Cells which are your main immune cell in a way. It is the go to guy.That is why people with AIDS will most likely die not because of AIDS but from things like a small cold.
More info on autism and vaccines?
Q: To you non believers, if you will bother to read this, what are your thoughts on this? There IS a link between disease and vaccines……many folks dont even vaccinate pets anymore, I dont understand why human medicine is so far behind animal medicine on this?? The links from vaccinating pets to horrible life threatening diseases is even recognised by the big vet schools….which is why all the vaccine protocols are changing. I cant understand the mentality which encourages human medicine to drag its feet on this issue when clearly, lives are at stake?PERMISSION TO REPOST:The following message is so profound, you will feel it in yourbones. If you want to see the autism puzzle in its most completeform, read this:Dr. Moulden, from , in my opinion, just finishedthe autism puzzle. He says that things like alzhiemers,schizophrenia, Gulf War Syndrome, autism, learning disabilities,sudden infant death, and likely a bunch more diagnoses are reallylack of oxygen to the brain. He says that vaccines cause the ends oftiny capillaries to swell, cutting off the oxygen supply to variousparts of the brain and other parts of the body. Now, of course,toxins and pathogens also cause this. So this explains why all thePET scans show lack of oxygen to the brain in mental illnesses,developmental illnesses, etc. Dr. Moulden further explains how facialmovements are directly correlated with the parts of the braineffected. The correlation of facial movements/expressions topsychiatric and other symptoms is something I am familiar with frommy own professional background.This explains why we have to do so many things to help our children;we have to increase blood flow, kill pathogens and detox. Thisexplains why our children can’t detox. Their blood is not flowing tothe toxins. This is explains all the pathogens. Pathogens growwhere there is dead tissue. Hulda Clark explains this in herbook, “The Cure for All Diseases”, that toxins attract pathogens intothe brain. This also explains why so many do well with things thatincrease oxygen in the brain.We have been knowing that our children have lack of oxygen to thebrain, but now its like my brain has been opened to the fact that,yes, its lack of oxygen, so rid the toxins, pathogens, and increasethat blood flow to revive those capillaries. Our children are reallystroke victims. It all makes sense now. I don’t want to downplay anyof the theories out there on contributing to ill health. I thinkmost all of them have merit, but I think the common denominator isthis lack of blood flow, either the result of pathogens and toxins,or the cause of them to start stock-piling or both.Love and prayers,Heidi NPS- I have no affilation with Dr. Moulden. I am a researcher, and mychildren are recovered from autism.The following transcript was typed up by another person who posted iton a forum, and is from the following radio segment:< >
A: It seems like this holds some merit. Though its obviously in its rough stages of information..The problem isn’t “discovering a cure”, the problem lies within the majority of the medical community being stubborn and pathetically arrogant, not wanting to swallow their pride and take a step back if need be. They like to think they are “always advancing” and will do whatever it takes to usher this movement in.On that note, why would there be mercury in any vaccine in the first place? This is an incredibly dangerous toxin to the human body. I don’t care what anyone says… For this day and age, this is a disturbing conspiracy the likes of which I really don’t want to understand.What good is any of this information if people can’t even get adequate medical care because they can’t ‘afford’ it. Sometimes it just sickens me.EDIT: Use your brain. The theory never suggested it created diseases out of thin air, it suggested it increased cases at an alarming rate. Would you like me to inject a little mercury into you, or perhaps your child? I’m sure you’d be okay with it considering its vaccinating you of important diseases and all..
When did the 3 1/2-year period in Daniel’s 4-Beast vision begin?
Q: To interpret Daniel’s verses 7:25 & 12:11, “the change of feast & the laws” is the creation of the “Abominable Idol” which is identified by author Winston Kayanan as the 6th council of the United Nations (known as Human Rights) that was approved by the General Assembly in March 2006. The installation of its members was completed on May 17, 2006 in its 2nd election. USA & some opposed to the composition of the elected members since countries which the members represent are known as human rights abusers (referred in verse 12:11 as devastator). At this moment (i.e., May 17, 2006), the 3 1/2-year period (the time frame set by God in verses 7:25 & 12:7) began. To be precise, the 3 1/2-year period is 1,290 days (verse 12:11) which is calculated to end on November 28, 2009. The 3 1/2-year time is the grace period for His servant to work on while the small horn (identified as UNEP) is in power over earth with eyes (storms) and mouth (quakes) wreaking havoc. The author tried to convince some 30 countries through the embassies here in the Philippines via letters, to wit:a) 09-12-06 Title: Against Global Warming – 12 pagesb) 02-13-07 Title: Against Global Warming (UN-Made) – 19 pagesc) 05-10-07 Title: UN-IPCC Gave World a False Science, another Grand Deceit – 4 pagesd) 07-30-07 Title: Be One or United with Nature in order to Preserve Life, the Moral Philosophy vs. Global Warming & Climate Change – 10 pagese) 09-25-07 Title: The Last Message vs. Global Warming, One Final Look – 9 pages How can they ignore the God-given Philippine technology when this all-in-one (multi-purpose & multi-benefit) methodology can do many things such as, among others, bring wastelands to fertility (failure of FAO) to prevent drought, flooding, landslides, erosion, quakes, etc.; kill pathogens (failure of WHO) to prevent epidemic or pandemic; and, siphon quadrillions of CO2 & release quadrillions of O2 per hectare (failure of WMO) to prevent ozone depletion, rise in temperature, increase in pollution, heat wave, violent storms, melting of glaciers, etc.? Year 2008 was spent for asking help from media and 2009, for peoples’ information. Simultaneously, the false prophet & the beast (the 2 Nobel Prize winners) are also working too in their promotion of carbon reduction. The two deeply insulted God for their Inconvenient Truth & false study of environmental science, contrary to scientific facts & laws in basic sciences such as biology, chemistry & physics as well as soil science, physiology, forestry, etc., all of which were given by God to former famous scientists-discoverers. In verse 12:7, God knew that his servant will fail (i.e., without any strength) and the people will be persecuted (i.e., completely crushed) and hence, judgment against leaders & rulers and all others will be at hand. God then stretched the 1,290 days to 1,335 days (verse 12:12) having a 45-day extension difference as His judgment time. There will be anguish as never before since the nations first existed until the very day (verse 12:1). Beware then of birds from the smallest mosquitoes & bugs to the biggest.If you have virtues of teaching & helping people to be good & just, fortunate are you as one of God’s holy ones to be in the new era of Thousand Years. May God be with you all.
A: May 2nd 2002 it was a Thursday, and quite pleasant I think it was around 3pm just after a re-run of Seinfeld.”How can they ignore the God-given Philippine technology”The answer is simple the Philippines uses 220v electricity so your technology would never work in the U.S. which runs on 110v.
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