Can you die from a kidney disease

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Yes, you can die from kidney diseases. If left untreated kidney disease can cause kidney failure which can be fatal. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Did Mozart die of kidney disease?
There has been a tremendous interest in the circumstances of Mozart’s death. Theories of head trauma, poisoning, heart disease, and most prominently, renal failure have all appeared recently in scholarly musicology publications, the lay pre…
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Is polycystic kidney disease a death sentence for a cat??
Polycystic kidney disease is not a death sentence for a cat. Some positive cats can have long life. It depands on how bad the kidney failure is and what % of the kidney is still functioning. A friend of mine had a persian male who was posit…

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End Stage Renal Disease: Is it possible for a patient to die from this disease?
Q: A doctor performed a kidney transplant on my partner. He is in ICU but the doctors seem to have given up hope on their survival and predicted that they have days to live. Is that possible?PS. Can you please give me sensible answers, because I could lose my partner and I do not need answers that are unrelated to the question.
A: yes,i am sorry to say,this is possible.i hope the transplant saves his life,however?best of sorry ur going thru this,i wish u both a good outcome.anytime the words “end stage” are used,it means exactly how it sounds-approaching the end.
Do you think my cat is suffering from a kidney disease?
Q: For about a week I notice my cat looking really skinny. I didn’t think much of it until I can feel her spine and ribs easily. Near her tail (like around her waist area) she is extremely skinny there. Like her waist is getting sunk into her body. She’s been acting normal, but I notice she hasn’t been eating a lot and wants more water than usual. But she uses the bathroom fine. She’s had energy until now, where she is now to be getting weak. I’ve made an appointment to the vet today, but I jsut wanted to know if this could be symptoms of kidney disease or something else? If it is kidney problems, can she be saved? or will she die no matter what?I almost forgot. She has been doing things over and over again. Like if she goes to eat, she will eat a little, than she will go back to my bed rest and then minutes later she will go do the same thing again. She’s also done this when she saw me eating, came to me and then quickly returned to my bed to rest. She also does this licking sound from time to time.
A: It does sound like it could be chronic renal failure (CRF, that’s kidney disease…). The licking sound could possibly be from her feeling a little nauseous (they say crf is like flu, not actually painful). Another possibility is hyperactive thyroid: though most cats with this lose weight in spite of increased appetite, some do lose their appetites. Increased restlessness would fit this. It could even be a combination of both: if your vet does diagnose hyperactive thyroid make sure she’s monitored when first starting treatment, as hyperT can mask CRF and reduce symptoms.HyperT is easily treatable, with options including medication (which doesn’t taste bad, so generally cats take it easily, one of mine learnt to take her pill herself when put in front of her), surgery and radiation, the latter 2 giving a cure.CRF is not curable. However the the outlook is very variable, with many cats living long enough to die from something else. I’ve had two cats with both CRF and HyperT. One lived only 7 weeks after her CRF diagnosis. The other, who also had a heart condition which complicated medication further, lived over 2 years from diagnosis. You don’t say how old yours is, but mine lived to 17 and 19. If you want to look into it, there’s a lot of controversy over different treatments. Personally I think number 1 priority is making sure your cat has quality of life for as long as she has, and not prolonging her life if doing so reduces the quality too much. If she has CRF and is feeling sick you can do something for that simply by encouraging her to eat little and often. Your vet might recomend special diets: if she doesn’t like them, they only make marginal difference, so don’t feed them. My 19 year old beat the odds with three life threatening conditions on a diet of normal cat food and very little medical intervention for her kidneys (fortekor and b suplements, no fluids which would have been bad for her heart). And don’t forget to look after yourself as well as her: don’t feel guilty if you don’t do as much as others you might talk to on the internet. Making yourself exhausted/stressed out/broke will not stop the inevitable coming one day. Nor will it help you be the loving, happy owner your cat deserves. All our cats die eventually (your question: will she die no matter what? answer, yes, all cats do, with CRF or not). Look after both of you.
What’s the name of that kidney disease that male cats get? I think my cat might have it, or he’s just a brat..
Q: I had a male cat die from this a few years ago, I can’t remember what is was called, affects neutered male cats.Now my 4 year old cat is behaving like the previous one, peeing on things out of the blue. He’s never done that before.Do you think he’s sick or what??the get “crystals” in their kidneys or bladder.It only affects nuetered males.
A: You’ve already gotten the most likely answer – UTI or FUS, and that you should take him to the vet because it’s quite serious if not treated.What I wanted to address is diet. Because males are so prone to urinary issues, it’s even more important that they be properly hydrated. The only real way to do that is to feed them a wet diet. That can be either a good raw diet or a good quality commercial canned food.Many vets will want to sell you over-priced “special” diets of dry food like Science Diet. Don’t bother – save your money. While those diets may actually help, they’re still not appropriate food for cats and I wouldn’t bother with them, except perhaps to get him over the hump.I highly recommend you start taking steps to switch him to canned food.The reason this works is because most canned foods are around 78% moisture. This will dilute the urine which helps prevent those issues.
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