Can you tell me more on causes of stomach pain

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Ome of the causes of stomach pain include GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) or acid reflux disease. MORE? ChaCha away! [ Source: ]
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What causes stomach pain?
If you over eat then you can get those nasty stomach pains. Try to avoid a lot of junk food and drinking a lot of soda because they can upset your stomach.
Can psychological stress cause stomach pain?
It depends on the type of stomach pain. For example “butterflies in the stomach” is caused psychologically. If you have an upset stomach and are under a lot of stress, your stomach may be producing more acid than normal (because o…
How Common are these Causes of Intermittent stomach pain??
This information refers to the general prevalence and incidence of these diseases, not to how likely they are to be the actual cause of Intermittent stomach pain. Of the 1 causes of Intermittent stomach pain that we have listed, we have the…

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Could appendicitis be the cause of my stomach pain?
Q: It’s happened 4 times in the past month, I get extreme pain in my stomach that comes on slowly and escalates pretty badly. It’s happened at night each time and I eventually just have to go to bed because the pain is so bad. The next morning the pain is gone. This past time, last night, was the worst. I was in tears and about to go to the hospital, until I realized that curling up in a ball hurt worse than spreading out. So I spread out and laid down and tried to press on my stomach to see if it hurt in certain spots more than others.. it was hard to tell. This morning my stomach feels weird and a little sore, like I did sit ups all night, but the pain/nausea is gone. If you have appendicitis, I was under the impression that the pain came and then it would eventually burst.. I didn’t think that you could have been that would eventually subside and then may come back – is this true? Any other explanations for my pain? Can’t find any dietary factors that seem to be the link.Thanks!Also, there is nausea almost to the point where I feel like I want to vomit, but never actually vomiting. My boyfriend suggested I might have to use the bathroom but it didn’t feel like that. I also didn’t have gas or anything. The next morning my poop was green and soft, I don’t know if that has anything to do with it or if it was just something I ate that did that. Also, each time this has happened (4 times over past couple of weeks) it has gotten worse. First time not so bad, last night was very bad. Taking Tums also does not seem to help.Please help!
A: There is a chance it could be your gall bladder. I had gall stones(didn’t know it), the attacks were horribly painful, I thought it was in intestinal issue I have. I would sometimes throw up, and have diarrhea the next day. The frequency varied, but it actually went on for years before it got bad enough for me to go to the ER. You should see your doctor and discuss the symptoms. If you have another one, you could just go to the ER and they could do the tests needed to diagnose you there. Good luck.
What could cause this type of stomach problem?
Q: Ok, Im trying to figure out if its just gas or what. I know you cant tell me exactly what it is, but can you list some things which would be ruled out based on my symptoms, or list any things the symptoms match? I have nausea and occassional sharp pains in my stomach, but in different areas of the stomach (by stomach, I mean lower abdomen, belly button hips). Its worse on some days and disappears on other days. Now do you think theres anything aside from simple gas that could cause pain IN MORE THAN 1 AREA like that? I mean, if it was appendicitis or something like that, I would imagine it would only affect 1 target area, wherever the appendix is or whatever organ. Ive already been to doctors and would rather not get into that. I realize it may be an emergency, I just want opinions on it. ThanksI tried activia, for about a month.Well if it was kidney stones, would it be all over the abdomen, or just pain in 1 spot? I know its not kidneys because I have no urination problems, mostly bowel problems (possibly irritable bowel syndrome, but some things dont match up). yes I am a hypo, but this is real, I can hear my stomach gurgling 24/7. 1 doctor put me on prilosec and the side effects of that were horrible so I stopped. I just want to know what things can I cancel out, or what things could it be that are known for causing pain ALL OVER the abdomen, not just in 1 place. I wont waste your time, I’ll choose a best answer.Oh, for the record, I did the prilosec for about 20 days before I stopped, so I know that it was not effective. The doctor at that time didnt really spend time to listen to me, so she was just guessing when she heard “stomach problems”.Ok, so I know the following things can all cause it (pain in multiple spots), can you list other things?Acid Indigestion (GERD)GasIrritable Bowel SyndromeNo its not Munchausen’s syndrome, Im not faking this, Im going broke with all my doctor visits since I have no insurance right now. This is not fun.I know its not anxiety or stress either, Ive taken anti anxiety medications and it still persists while on them.
A: eat healthy, drink plenty of water and make sure your getting your vitamins and if nothing else works hit up the doctor again. Also it could be some kind of medication your taking.
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