Is gingivitis a bad disease

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When gingivitis is left untreated, it can advance to periodontitis. In periodontitis, the inner layer of the gum & bone pull MORE? [ Source: ]
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amerontari : If you do not regularly brush your teeth and use dental floss after meals, you get a sticky, gel-like layer that forms forms over your teeth. Thats dental plague. Overall time, this plague builds up and forms tartar which infec…
Will it help my bleeding gums, plaque buildup, bad breath, gingiv…?
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My cat had rotten teeth and has a bad disease. PLEASE READ. What would you do?
Q: I have been fostering a 3 year old cat and when I took her she just had her back teeth extracted because of gingivitis. So I took her on Thursday for a check up…..they are keeping her now until next Friday. I cried like a baby when they called to tell me this. I am so attached to her but I am also trying to think of what I’m really doing. They said she had a disease bertenella (i might of spelled it wrong)….so they didnt have to do laser treatment but gave her a high dosage of antibiotics. And the reason they want to keep her is because they want to keep a close eye on her. Now does anyone out there have any experience dealing with a cat with this disease. Is she going to be costing me more money at the vet then a healthy cat? I am suppose to find out details this week coming up. I miss her so much but I am starting to wonder if I should go ahead and adopt her. Will all of this cure her? Or am I going to have a really sick cat all the time.
A: the disease is Bordedellia and its unfortunate she got this disease, ther is a vaccine that your kitty should have gotten which would have prevented her from getting this. However It is not life threatning if treated in time which is being done, so you can go right ahead and get this kitty, she/he needs you more than ever now so dont abandon it.
How can i cure my gingivitis? i thnk my “Gingivitis” is getting worse and i’m afraid to have a disease?
Q: Can you help me what are the steps for curing a “GINGIVITIS”?
A: the smart mouth system. toothpaste and mouth wash you can get it at cvs or walgreens or online the brand is called smart mouth. i believe its white with blue and green label
What is the difference between Periodontal Disease and Gingivitis?
Q: About 5 or 6 months ago, I went to the dentist because my gums had started bleeding. As I brush my teeth twice a day and always at least rinse with water, I was just told to brush my gums more, or floss or use mouthwash. The symptoms went away, but now the bleeding is back (mainly when I floss) and 2 days ago I noticed my gum in between my two front teeth had swelled and was slightly red. Since yesterday, I have noticed another area of gum swelling and thin redness around about 3 or 4 more teeth. I don’t understand as it has all happened so quick. I am worried. If it is only Gingivitis then what stage does it sound like? Also, my dentist appointment is 5 days away. I have went to get Corsodyl mouthwash to try and last me until then and have just started my first treatment. I can make an emergency appointment, but I don’t know how necessary and appropriate it would be as I don’t really know how bad it is…any advice?
A: Approximately 90 per cent of the adult people are affected by gingivitis. Most of these people remain oblivious about the silent development of gingivitis as it is initially painless. By and by, gingivitis can cause serious health implications. There can be swollen gums and bleeding while eating or brushing. If left unattended, gingivitis can even lead to indigestion and other tummy problems. Gingivitis can aggravate to periodontitis or pyorrhea. This is an extreme infectious situation when the teeth supporting bone starts eroding. Blisters can also appear. Pyorrhea signs are bad breath, painful gums and bleeding. The primary reasons of pyorrhea are excessive alcohol, smoking, poor mouth hygiene, poor nutrition, improper brushing, glandular disorders, chronic illness, and blood ailments. Smokers are more prone to develop pyorrhea and lose teeth than others. Note that bleeding gums can also be caused by brushing too hard or by using too hard a toothbrush.
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