How do you cure SARS

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There is a Schizophrenia drug that is used to treating patients with the deadly SARS disease. Dial 1-8002ChaCha for unlimited use! [ Source: ]
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What is the treatment for SARS?
Antibiotics and antiviral drugs are being used to treat the illness, but without knowing the cause there is no specific treatment.
Is there a cure for SARS ?
So far, there is no specific cure for SARS. The disease should be treated like an atypical pneumonia of unknown cause. Nor is there any specific treatment for SARS. Regular consultations are going on amongst doctors to discuss the best trea…
What is the cure or treatment for SARS?
There is no vaccine or treatment for the virus that causes the disease.

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Colloidal silver: natural antibiotic?
Q: They say this kills bacteria in your body like flu, colds, and most infections and is supposedly very good for you, If taking right and not “over-dosed” on. Some say it can cure avian flu, SARS and can help greatly with HIV. They done test in Ghana on a couple of patients with full blown malaria and they were discharged from hospital after five days of treatment with silver. (Apparently) fully recovered. The down side is there is side effects but they seem to be very small cases of extreme over indulgent in silver, were the skin/eyes turns blue permanently. What id like to know it kills bacteria right? does it kill all bacteria or just the bad bacteria, and how does it know which bacteria to kill?I would also like to here from people who have used or use the stuff, has it ever worked for you, with any type of infection?
A: Silver – Safe, Effective, Dangerous to Big Pharma. Where To Get Silver That Kills H5N1 There is a great deal of misinformation about silver solutions. While there are several kinds (ionic, colloidal, nano technology, protein silver), the safety of silver is extraordinary, despite the fear of turning blue (argyria) which has been promulgated over the years.The truth is that virtually no one has ever turned blue because of a deposition of silver particles in the skin. In the documented case where this has happened, the person drank huge and irrational amounts of silver daily for decades. In the recent well-publicized case of a politician who was supposed to have turned blue from drinking silver, it turned out to be a hoax perpetrated by his political opponents in the campaign for office he was participating in.The smaller the particle size, the more effective the silver is at disrupting the biological function of disease causing bacteria, mycoplasma and viruses. The smaller the particle size, the more efficiently the body can get rid of the silver.The silver we recommend, ASAP silver sol solution is exceedingly small in size, has never been shown to provide any medical or health problems and has been used for people from infancy to people in their 90s. Here are the facts as I see them, after extensive experience using silver for infections of all types:1. Silver in nano sized particles does not cause argyria because the particles are small enough to pass easily out of the urine, rather than being deposited in tissues. No case of argyria has ever been reported with nano particle silver2. As you said, the amounts you would have to consume border on the insane.3. Nano silver is effective, without any known side effects, against every pathogen it has been tested against4. Through its applications in Africa, we know that pregnant women, tiny babies, fragile elderly, people with diabetes, cancer, auto immune disease, etc., do not develop side effects when they take silver as directed.5. No ulcers have ever been reported with nano silver6. The silver we recommend has been shown NOT to kill beneficial bacteria, thus protecting the integrity of the gut and the immune system.this article is from the site:
How does one keep track of mutants on yahoo board?
Q: Ok guys. We saw it all in movies, mutants that change their features according to their will. We saw how a particular virus created SARS by mutation and now we see the same thing over here in China section of yahoo answers. The first victim was “Mr Hex Vision” and now another one “Say No to 50 cents party”.Have you any antivirus to cure the disease. You remember what havoc did SARS create to the poultry industry?
A: Just block them at the very first opportunity so that the next time you see them in any form you recognise that s/he is one.
Why AND How Did SARS START????????????????????
Q: like if we can find out how SARS started can’t like you do like a backwards type prodedure to cure it… like a mathemathical sum?
A: SARS is thought to enter human population from interspecies transmission of animal coronavirus. The animal SARS-Coronavirus infection of humans appears to result in mild disease with little or no human-human transmission. Human SARS is readily transmitted from human to human via contact and/or droplets. Between November 2002 and February 2003, 300 cases of pneumonia like infections was observed in the South China.To understand the animal origin, 8 species of wild and domestic animals were sampled in a live-animal market of Shenzhen on May 7, 03. Among them, 6 Himalayan palm civets sampled, 4 out of them were PCR positive and 4 viruses were isolated and also 1 racoon dog was PCR positive and 1 virus was isolated.The difference between human virus and animal virus is that there is a deletion in human virus. So the disease is emerged due to a mutation (deletion) in animal SARS-Coronavirus. Since it is due to a mutation, it is not easy to do like a backwards type procedure to cure it.
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