What kind of docter is House

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Dr. House once said, “I am a board certified diagnostician with a double specialty of infectious disease and nephrology”. Thanks! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-kind-of-docter-is-house ]
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What Kind of Doctor is House?
He supposedly is a physician with dual specialties in Infectious Disease and Nephrology. That means that after medical school he would have done a residency in Internal Medicine. After than, he would have done a fellowship in Infectious Dis…
What kind of doctor is Dr. House?
Fictional is right. First of all, “diagnostician” is just plain silly. We all make diagnoses. It’s an integral part of medicine. I saw “House” performing brain surgery one night as I surfed the channels in search of some…
Would you ever take the kind of abuse from a doctor that House di…?
If my life was hanging by a thread, I’d want to go to the good doctor rather than the kind doctor. Kindness is a lovely thing, but when lives are at stake, you want the best, and House is the best.

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is there a docter in the house? please answer?
Q: last time i was at the docters 3 months ago he perscribed me birth control FENCON Fe im also healthy down there and everywhere else, NOW these pills are makeing my hair fall, I CANT GET 2 A DOCTER, because im in a different state and dont have insurance here,and i aslo dont know my docters phone number, but i want 2 start new birth control WHAT KIND SHOULD I BUY?the last pill i took was saturday and now i have my periodim 20 years old and healthyPLEASE TELL ME WHAT KIND OF NEW PILLS I SHOULD START TAKEING so i can go buy them at the pharmacy
A: You will need a prescription to but birth control pills–You have asked this before?http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090630161315AA9MoiT
I am about to be 16 & I think I was pregnant or am pregnant? more details inside.?
Q: Im about to be 16 & I think I was or am pregnant. I had unprotected sex with a guy that I knew since 7th grade & I’ve had a little crush on him. I started talking two him again like two weeks before the 28 of October. During those two weeks he promised me that I was the only girl he wanted to be with, just not officially. We both agreed we trusted each other & that we wanted to have a sexual relationship together. Basically he was only going to have sex with only me & I was only going to have sex with him.Two weeks later he comes over to my house, when no one was home. We got kind of straight into it. The things was that he thought I was on the pills. I was but I took the pills like from the day we had sex till like a week later because I thought that I did not need them any more. My menstrual period was supposed to come from the from November 8th till the 12th. I waited but it did not come. Before I told any of my friends, I decided to tell him that I missed my period by a couple of days, but that it was probably just late. I just thought that it would be best if he just knew just in case something did come out of it. (by the way he is 16) All he did was go off on me & say he wasn’t going to be a daddy. This made me so scared & angry. He called me a whore & now he is having sex with other girls. He also thinks that I am lieing about the whole situation. He makes me look like a whore in front of all his friends. I talked to him last night & he made me feel so horrible. He made me cry in front of all his friends. I was so stressed out & all I did was cry & cry all night long.When I was crying I got a big stomach ache for about 10 minutes.Today I woke up around 5 am because I had to use the restroom. Still waiting for my period, No signs. I fell back asleep & woke up at 7 am because i felt very wet. I start touching myself ontop of my pjs & when i look at my hands, my hands were full of blood. My covers were full of blood and my legs had blood all over them. I quicky get out of bed and see if the blood went through the sheets & it did. I sit back on my bed & I start crying. I guess I woke my dad up becuase he storms to my room and just walks in. He starts yelling at me for the mess and tells me to take the sheets off for washing & that he was going to talk to my mom later on because it wasn’t normal that i bled that much. My parents have no idea about whats going on by the way. My mom was working in the morning. I just went to clean up & was sad and happy. I was sad becuase I went through so much just to not be pregnant. I was happy because I WAS NOT PREGNANT. Pretty obvious. I went out and I came home and i had to go to the bathroom just a couple minutes ago & I’m not bleeding at all any more. Nothing at all. No blood & that scared me soooo much. Now I have no idea what to do or think.Am I pregnant?Did I have a miscarridge?Was it my period?I want to be sure before I do anything.19 hours ago Additional Details1 hour agoToday I woke up & I’m bleeding but very lightly. My pelvic area is VERY sore. By the way, I am not cramping or anything & I usually always get strong cramping, headaches, ect.I think that I’m going to try to go to the docter soon.
A: Best thing to do is take a test and never have sex until your ready to take the consequences
Weird Sickness??????
Q: I’m going to tell you about my day today:Last night I couldn’t sleep much, because my rabbit was running around in her cage and Its so hard to sleep when that happens. So when I woke up, I felt very hot. My mom told me that outside was pretty cold and stuff so I should put a coat on. So when I got out of bed I felt like a big rock was standing on my head and my neck(Back part) And my whole body felt very weak. And I started to get a cold a few days back. And my throat started to hurt just the day before. So I got dressed and stuff and then I had no interest in breakfast… But I usually cant wait for breakfast! Anyways I forced some little meat buns down my throat and then I needed to go to the washroom to go poop. After that my stomach felt better kind of. Then when I walked out of the house it was so hot! OMG I felt like I needed to get naked! It was so hot! So anyways I took my jacket off and started walking. When I was walking I started to feel some dizziness, but nothing very strong. So I waited for my bus and then when I got on it, it wasn’t very full but people were still standing around me. (This usually happens to me) I started to feel sweat and I started to get dizzy again! My head hurt and I was very hot. And felt like I wanted to faint or lye down. When I got off my bus, I started to walk to school and I still felt kind of yucky. So when I got to school I was 30 mins late! I didn’t realize the time! Anyways for the rest of the day I felt still bad and I had a bad headache. When I started to walk home I felt even more weaker. So when I got home I took an aspirin and now Im feeling a little better.But why does this happen? I cant take my temp because I cant find my temp taking thing. Could it be the flu? Or Swine flu O.o I’m concerned but I wont consult with my doctor before I know at least some info about what sickness I have because he is a werid docter and he has a hard time understanding things. So please help me!
A: It might be a fever..This has happened to me before also.
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