Is a fever a disease

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Fever itself is not a disease, but it is a symptom of a lot of different diseases. It’s a result of the body fighting an infection [ Source: ]
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Can I have a pelvic inflammatory disease if I haven’t gotten a fe…?’t-gotten-a-fever
Yes you could have PID because a woman may experience mild symptoms or no symptoms at all, damage is still being done. ChaCha!
How to cure a fever?
A fever that reaches 104 degrees F or higher can be dangerous. You can place an ice pack on the forehead or soak a washcloth in cool water for temporary relief. You should also take a fever reducer either Motrin (ibuprofen) or Tylenol and c…
Is fever a symptom or a disease?
A common fever is considered a symptom. However, there are diseases such as scarlet fever (scarlatina) and black fever (leishmaniasis) that have the word “fever” in their names.

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Has anyone ever had cat scratch fever (disease?)?
Q: Is it possible to have this problem? about a month ago I was playing with the cat, and she scratched me with her back paws..I thought nothing of it, but then was hit hard with fatigue, slight fevers, chills…it was weird. I thought something was wrong with me (mono or something), so I went in for blood work, everything came out fine and healthy…it never occurred to me it could have been the scratch.well three days ago I was playing with her again and she did the same thing…and now I am going through with the weird fatigue/out of it feeling, slight fever off and on, kind of out of it dizzy feeling, red around the scratch on my hand, lymph nodes feel a bit swollen….or am I WAY off here?
A: My husband got it, yet the Dr. never really diagnosed it as cat scratch but pretty sure it was, his finger swelled pretty huge and then after short illness, he began getting abscesses under his arm same side as the scratch. He had to go to Dr. many many times to have them opened surgically. Very painful and gross. Finally after 6 months or more they finally put him on a month worth of Penicillin and they went away for good.
Cabin Fever – Disease?
Q: What was the disease that the people were getting in Cabin Fever?Please don’t give me an answer like Necrotizing Fasciitis, because it’s not Necrotizing Fasciitis, like most people [email protected] – i know cabin fever is not a disease. i didn’t ask if it was. i asked what was the disease that the teenagers were getting in the movie, “Cabin Fever”.
A: Cabin Fever is not an infectious disease at all! LOL!It’s a term that refers to what happens to people who are shut up indoors for too long. They want to get out and about. That’s why so many people go on winter vacations. They crave to be outdoors. Another variation of the term is “Island Fever” which happens to people who live on an island and want to do some traveling, but can’t go very far.
is fever a disease?then how it get cured when we intake any medicines?
Q: fever is said to be a response to not allow the foreign particles inside,but when we intake any medicines means fever get cured then wat about forign particies?
A: fever is actually smthng +ve.It’s your immune system’s response 2 an infection and not a disease.The intake of medicine does the job of ur WBCs.No more pathogens,no more fever.this is y fever seems 2 b ‘cured'(not actually cured cos it isn’t a disease) by intake of medicines
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