Is orange juice better than apple juice

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Two separate studies have shown that 100 percent pure apple juice can slow one of the processes that leads to heart disease. TY! [ Source: ]
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How come orange juice cleans pennies better than apple or lemon j…?
Orange juice contains a higher concentration of citric acid.
What is better…Apple juice or orange juice?
I mix them together.
Which cleans a penny better – apple juice orange juice or grape j…?
Orange juice. It has a decently low pH level (3.5)

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orange juice or apple juice…?
Q: i like orange juice better than apple juice…&my bro is the total opposite of me he likes apple juice. =/and you?? xD
A: I like orange juice and natural is better for me ,
Is it true that its better to drink apple juice than Orange Juice? My mom said OJ will kill ya!?
Q: HAhaaaa.
What are better things to drink other than soda?
Q: I only drink milk at school, in mornings, and at nightI’m not a big water fanAnd orange/apple juice, im not a big fan of…So, any healthier drink options?
A: Water, water, water.Juice is fine but its loaded with sugar.Milk is good, but make sure its skim.
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