Is wilsons disease actually a disease

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Yes, Wilson’s Disease is a genetic disorder that is fatal unless detected and treated before serious illness from copper MORE? [ Source: ]
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How to Treat Wilson’s Disease
・ 1 Begin following a low-copper diet right away. While not enough to manage the disease alone, lowering… ・ 2 Educate yourself about medication. To treat Wilson’s Disease, you will have to adhere to a lifelong… ・ 3 Take a B-vitamin comp…
What is wilsons disease
Wilsons disease (WD) is a rare inherited disorder in which excessive amounts of copper accumulate in the body.
Is wilsons disease treatable
Wilson disease requires lifelong treatment to reduce and control the amount of copper in the body…it is treatable not curable.

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ok how do i know if i have wilson’s disease or not?
Q: please help me if you canalso i heard there is a certain food that contain a lot of copper that i shouldn’t eat(in case)and what’s the food that contain the least copper amount that i can actually eatwell you know what i mean!!!!!!!thx in advanced
A: You will know you have Wilson’s disease if your doctor diagnosed it.
Can any one tell me if person suffering from Wilson’s Disease can live a Normal life?
Q: I was diagnosed with Wilson’s Disease along with my mother and my kid sister…My mom’s condition was worse hence we couldn’t save her…i have been taking Penicillamine since age 8 along with my sister …. my Kayser ring was detected at the time when my mom got sick 1st time and they had to check all family members for the disease…Its been 13 years of strict diet and medicine…i am not suffering from anything as mine was detectedd early…but as now i am 21 and ready for a relationship… i am wondering if the disease can pass on to my children…so should i go ahead with a girl or should i not…. i dont wanna cheat anyone or ruin any one’s life unno…I know its genetic disease so it wont pass on to my spouse..but what chances are that it will pass on to my children or my grandchildren….plz help i am in crisis….Does any one know person having healthy family even if she/he is affected with WD??And i dont care about this next question actually but my gf would so i am asking …how long i can live Normaly with my treatment??please help…
A: its an autosomal recessive disorder, so if your future wife has normal genes, then your children will not develop Wilsons, but everyone of them will be carriers of the gene. and when your children get married, there is 50% chance that your grandchildren will be carriers, and 50% chance that the others have normal genethose who are just carriers of the gene are symptomatic, but if they marry someone with wilsons or has the gene, their children may get wilsonsthere isnt an exact data on the prognosis of wilsons overall as far as i know of, but there is data on the survival rate when a patient develops fulminant hepatitis from wilson’s diseaseyou could see it in this page the liver disease is pre-cirrhotic, it may be reversible, but the neurological symptoms are less so irreversible.death of patients usually is caused by liver failure, variceal hemorrhage or infection
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