Is there a cure for graves disease

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Antithyroid drugs, radioiodine therapy and surgery to remove the thyroid gland are effective treatments for Graves’ disease. [ Source: ]
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Is there a cure for graves disease
Antithyroid drugs, radioiodine therapy and surgery to remove the thyroid gland are effective treatments for Graves’ disease.
What are Graves Disease Symptoms & Can it be Cured??
Grave’s Disease Symptoms are many and varied, you may or may not suffer from them all. Grave’s Disease, also know as Hyperthyroidism, can be a very debilitating disease. It can differ from a slight feeling of tiredness through to rendering …
Does Iodum work well to help cure the autoimmune condition, grave…?
There are alot of medicines in homeopathy for hyperthyroidism Iodum is one of them Others are Spongia tosta, Fucus, For a detailed drug picture you can read boerickes materia medica, match the symptoms by urself.

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Is there a cure for Graves disease?
Q: Cure is there one for Graves disease ?
A: For the most part, Graves’ disease is not completely curable. However, it is treatable. This is so perhaps because of the fact that it is a particular type of autoimmune disease, much like rheumatoid arhritis or gout.The main treatment options for Graves’ disease include anti-thyroid drugs, surgical removal of the thyroid, and radioactive iodine. Anti-thyroid drugs specifically block the action of thyroid hormone synthesis, and reduces its hyper-production (since this disease is one of the major causes of hyperthyroidism); surgery affords the removal of the thyroid itself, with basic premises that must be met first prior to actual removal of the thyroid, such as preoperative treatment with some anti-thyroid drugs; radioactive iodine is basically the use of another iodine isotope (essentially “radioactive”), perhaps involved in thyroid radiation. Each treatment options have their own advantages and disadvantages, although some treatment options are used first until resorting to the final one (which is usually radioactive iodine–mainly due to the scare of the word “radioactive”).Here’s a link for more info: more treatment options, you can look at this site: this helps!
is there a cure for graves disease and how can I ease the puffy eyes at home?
Q: I am really having problems with my puffy eyes. Is there anyhting I can do at home to get rid of the fluid build up behind my eyes???
A: There are three major treatments for Grave’s Disease. They are taking antithyroid medications, radioactive iodine to kill off some of the thyroid cells, and surgery for removal of thyroid.I couldn’t find anything on information to reduce the puffy eyes.
is there a cure for graves disease?
Q: my friend has graves disease and i don’t know much about it. i found something that said you get it from smoking but she don’t smoke she was born with it. what is graves disease?is there a way of finding a cure?
A: It rare to witness a biological inheritance since this illness is more often due to bacterial infections, physical and emotional stress. However it does have It has a familial tendency, you have autoantibodies that bind together with thyroid cells membrane and stimulate thyroid gland for hypofunction. Because of that, I can image she has a low metabolism that causes her to fade, things like heat intolerance, weight loss in most cases, diarrhea, and obviously enlarged thyroid gland. And in severe cases she will experience exophthalmos, which has to do will an eyeball, tissue gets swell and causes protrusion. But if she doesn’t have most of these symptoms, then diagnosis for her illness is probably off track. Now if she does feel shortness of breath, weakness or fatigue on regular basis it is strong indicator that she has it. And as for therapy, MDs will usually prescribe number of drugs depending on her current conditions and preoccupation with certain every day lifestyle. My guess is she needs to be given either methimazole (Tapazole) or propylthiouracil (PTU) in order to prevent thyroid sort of ‘building up’ to thyroid hormone which can in some cases be fatal. So she needs a docs appointment and really demand these meds I listed. But if these don’t help in her case, gland can be surgically seized by thyrodectomy, but thats ONLY if she has an over sized goiter, so she needs xrays either way. Good Luck!
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