Is using a tampon more dangerous then a pad

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The only danger from using a tampon is a small and rare risk of a disease called Toxic Shock Syndrome or TSS, which can be fatal. [ Source: ]
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Is using a tampon more dangerous then a pad
The only danger from using a tampon is a small and rare risk of a disease called Toxic Shock Syndrome or TSS, which can be fatal.

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Is it ok to do this??? Period Questionnn?
Q: I’m 13, have had me period since October 6th, i have a light flow and they last 4 days.For my last two periods I’ve been using nothing but toilet paper. I only have 4 pads left and i wanna save those for emergencies. I don’t wanna waste them because I’m very shy about talking to my mom about things like this (which is the reason I’m stuck in pads instead of using tampons which i prefer a great deal more) and i feel uncomfortable asking for pads. I’m working on it thought, i’ll build up courage eventually.I was just wondering if doing this thing with toilet paper is unhealthy or dangerous. Its unscented, two pli, and i change it everytime i go to the bathroom (which is often cause i drink A LOT of water) and i always make sure it doesn’t get stuck up there or bits and pieces of it don’t get up there or stay around it. Is there any medical dangers to wearing toilet paper as pads? I’m still trying to gather up my courage and ask my mom but till then (which could be a while from now) can i use tilet paper?PSBuying my own is not an option because i have no money and if i ask for money and say I’m buying something else, that wouldn’t work either because she always asks to see what i bought and if i say i didn’t get anything she’ll ask for the money back and I’ll have none to give is it ok for the time being or is it dangerous?i know i know, i’m trying to get more comfortable with talking to her about no no no! you don;t get it. see she knows i have my period, i told her the day i got it. but for the last few months she would randomly buy me pads sometimes so i never had to tell her anymore but she stopped doing it lol.and its not true that you have to have sex before using tampons, thats a lie.
A: Using toilet paper is probably safer than using pads – if you’re using commercial pads like Always these are made from synthetics and plastics that keep your vagina from being able to breathe so make your genitals warm and moist which is perfect for bacteria and yeast, also commercial pads contain chemicals and bleach that can mess with natural pH, get into your body easier via the mucosa of your vulva and can cause irritation. Just tell her you need pads if you want them, there is nothing embarrassing or scary about it, oh try asking for organic pads like Cottons as they are safer and more comfortable, if really worried about asking her then just write her a note :o)As a note honey, tampons are very dangerous and unhygienic, they prevent normal vaginal cleaning, encourage bacterial growth, loose fibres within your vagina, dry out the vaginal walls and also contain synthetic materials, chemicals and bleach – tampons thus are linked with TSS, cancer and endometriosis, they are also a major cause of vaginal infections, and can increase menstrual flow and cramps. I’d suggest re-thinking the tampon idea, okay so you’re comfortable with them, however there are options which are far more comfortable and with no health risks – I’d suggest you look into menstrual cups, they are internal like tampons but they collect flow rather than absorb, they have no health risks and are cleaner so can be worn for up to 12 hours at any time and without leaking. It seems unusual that someone who is concerned about the safety of toilet paper is seriously considering something as harmful as tampons, look around for information on tampon risks, one site that might be a useful start is the tampon health web site Seriously, look at your options;Commercial tampons, organic tampons, sponge tampons, soft tampons, cloth tampons, padettes, commercial pads, organic pads, cloth pads, homemade pads, period belts, period panties, period blankets, silicone menstrual cups, rubber menstrual cups, diaphragms as menstrual cups, homemade menstrual cups, softcups, free-flow, free-flow layering, free-flow instinctive, extraction and menstrual management, (and toilet paper!) – all are very different.Another small note, have you not thought of making your own cloth pads, loads of women use cloth pads like Lunapads and love them as they are more comfortable than other pads and better for you. You can easily make your own with scraps of material, there are plenty of patterns online to show you how, like this one – Or even just taking a clean face cloth and folding it to put in your underwear would be better than using toilet paper as it’d be more absorbent, comfortable and it wouldn’t go into little bits that go everywhere. Whatever you use is of course up to you, but there are better options than what you’re using now and what you’re planning on using.
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