Symptoms of lymes disease

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Common Symptoms of Lyme’s Disease are flu-like feelings of headache, stiff neck, fever, muscle aches, and fatigue. ChaCha Rocks [ Source: ]
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What are the symptoms of lymes disease?
You will get a rash, that will not clear up, and other symptoms that are reminiscint of the flu. Go ChaCha!
Should I Watch For Signs And Symptoms Of Anything? Do Dogs Get Ly…?
Yes dogs can get lime disease but if the head came out the dog should be just fine
How long symptoms lymes disease?
Lyme Disease Symptoms. Symptoms of Lyme Disease could include fever, headache, fatigue, rash, joint pain, tired, fainting, and muscle pain…

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How soon could you see the flu like symptoms of Lymes Disease?
Q: How soon could you see the flue like symptoms of Lymes Disease?
A: Not all people have same signs and don’t show up as fast in some.Rash- appears in a few days to a month, where you were bit or groin,belt area,or be hind the knees.Flu like- fever,chills,fatigue,body aces and head aces.Joint pain (If not treated) swelling several weeks after your infection,mostly the knee area but can move to other parts of the body.Neurological some cases inflammations of membranes around the brain (meningitis) paralysis, numbness in limbs,some people have had heart problems but last a short time.EYE INFLAMMATION HEPATITIS CAN HAPPEN AS WELL Best to get treated as fast as you can to help not to go threw all this pain and suffering.
What foods should I avoid or include in my diet to help ease the symptoms of lymes disease?
Q: I was clinicly diagnosed and 4 days ago began taking doxycyclene. Friends have suggested a diet low in carbs, while other friends have suggested the opposite. I have been unsuccessful in finding information via the internet regarding diet and lymes disease. Please help.
A: Never heard of any diet that helps. Lyme disease is a bacterial infection, once you finish the doxycyclin, you’ll be fine regardless of what you eat. If you WANT to pay attention to your diet, you can eat some yogurt that has live cultures in it. This will replenish the good bacteria in your body that your antibiotics will kill along with the lyme disease. This way, you wouldn’t be at risk for other infections while on your antibiotics.
What are the symptoms of lymes disease?
Q: How do I know if I have Lyme’s disease? I got bit by tick two weeks ago and I have been tired, nausous, and achy.Stomach Cramps but no fever.
A: The symptoms of Lyme Disease are: First there’s a bullseye rash at the sight of the tick bite…Following the rash are symptoms that are similar to the flu. (At this time it would be best to go to the doctor and tell him or her that you’ve been bitten by a tick and you’re experiencing symptoms of Lyme Disease. The sooner you kill the bacteria the better.) If you don’t get these symptoms cured then you will experience chronic arthritis in the joints especially the knees. Now, you’re starting to get into the late stages of Lyme Disease…If you still don’t get it treated then the bacteria will begin to inflame organs like your Brain and Heart and this can lead to some serious complications. It would be best if you get Lyme disease treated in the early stages rather than wait it out. Like I said before the sooner you kill the bacteria the better….Once the organism is completely killed with antibiotics then you’ll be cured of the disease.
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