What are factors that influence the population

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Fertility Mortality Migration Public Health (Disease, Famine, etc) War Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-factors-that-influence-the-population ]
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What are some factors that influence population?
Fertility Mortality Migration Public Health (Disease, Famine, etc) War Hope this helps. For more detailed info “google” population or go to www.wikipedia.org =)
What are the factors influencing population growth?
It is mainly due to illeteracy. Many people think the greater thier number of children the greater thier generation becomes. Others, in order to have son give birth to large number of children, because according to them if they doesn’t get …
Does cardiovascular risk factor profile influence prescribing of …?
In this study, we asked whether age, disease duration or risk factors for CVS disease influenced use of tNSAIDs and coxibs among RA patients. No distinction was made between initial prescription by a rheumatologist or a general practitioner…

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What are the factors that influence population distribution in southern and eastern asia?
A: Resource availability…food and waterclimate…comfortable temperaturesproximity to businesses and jobs…near cities and transportationlandforms…near sea level is most comfortable and mountainous or arid areas may have a lower population density.Political stability…a stable elected government is preferred to one with an abusive record.
What are the factors that influence the population distribution and land use?
A: landforms elevationlatitudeclimateprecipitation
What are geographical factors that influences the high population of animals and plants?
A: Well, average temperature, lots of water, highly fertilized soil, etc.
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