What are some physical requirements for the national guard

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Some requirements include being free of any contagious disease, physical defects, and being able to perform the training. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-physical-requirements-for-the-national-guard ]
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What are some physical requirements for the national guard
Some requirements include being free of any contagious disease, physical defects, and being able to perform the training. ChaCha!
How to Meet National Guard Physical Requirements
・ 1 Pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) before getting your physical exam. This… ・ 2 Get checked by a doctor for any physical defects before having your official physical examination…. ・ 3 Pass the Armed Forces P…
What are the physical requirements to be a nurse in the national …?
The physical requirements for nurses in the US Army is the same for all US soldiers: you must be able to pass the Physical Fitness Test.

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What are the physical requirements for Army National Guard ROTC?
Q: So, pretty self-explanatory. I am thinking about Army National Guard and can’t decide if I should to ROTC or not, I can’t find the physical requirements for it anywhere. I want to know about push-ups, sit-ups, running, and weight. Can anyone give me some information? I would really appreciate it! And please tell me how you know this information! Just so I can determine how accurate it is. Thank you!
A: You are asking two separate questions here… and without knowing your age, height, weight, or what state you live in, it is impossible to tell you any standards about the National Guard or AROTC…Besides, the Army National Guard and the Army ROTC are not the same thing… if you want to do both it is called an SMP (Simultaneous Membership Program)…However, to go into the ARNG (Reserve, National Guard) you have to pass a modified PT test is the RSP program designated by your state and unit, and then you can ship to basic where everything else is pretty much explained for you…If you want to go to ROTC, you first have to be accepted into an accredited college that has the program and you either a) have to complete two years of your military science program requirement to become a contracted cadet in the USAR Control Group or b) have to be contracted through an Army ROTC scholarship… which is far more than just your physical fitness…And if you chose to go SMP, you can make the decision to join the ARNG first (which means completing the RSP, BCT, and AIT and then gain entry into an accredited college) or you can get your ROTC scholarship first and then become an SMP while in ROTC, the only difference is that if you get contracted first, you do not have to complete BCT or AIT… instead you have the ROTC officer route which is quite different…So you’re getting a head of your self with your question…
National Guard Military Police?
Q: I’m currently 18 and not doing so well in college. I plan on becoming a Pa State Trooper but I don’t think college is the way for me. I have recently been researching the National Guard and found out about MP. Would this be good to get into if I plan on being a Pa State Police officer down the road?1. What are some examples are jobs of MPs in the Guard?2. Are MP usually used overseas or homeland?3. What are some physical requirements to enter the Guard and become an MP?4. What is the average yearly salary for a MP in the National Guard?5. How long is a term of service in the National Guard as an MP?6. Are you constantly active? Constantly overseas?Thanks.
A: 1) MPs in the ARNG do the same thing regular oofficers do.2) MPs are overseas and homeland.3) Physical requirements to get into the ARNG are, being able to run 1.5 miles in under 13 minuetes. 3 pull ups, 41, push ups and 44 Crunches/Sit ups.4) The Yearly Average salary in the ARNG for Mps Vary, usually $2,500.00 give or take a little.5) all terms for all jobs for all branches are eight years. 6 active 2 inactive, and different ratio’s.6) 1 time a month and 2 weeks out of the year your active, and depending on your units call up , than yes overseas for 12 months minimal.It would be a very good idea to spend that time serving your country AND getting the experiance you need to become a statie. If you do NOT have 60 credits you have to have 2 or more years experienced or military service. It most definetly wont hurt.
Weight loss to join national guard.?
Q: I am 17 i am about 6 feet tall and around 250 pounds. I want to join the national guard and i can do all the sit ups, running, and push ups but i don’t meet the physical weight requirements. I am working out and running almost every day but aren’t seeing full effects because of my diet. I am starting to watch what i eat and i am wondering what are some good healthy foods to help me lose weight? And also what are some things i should avoid. i have already started drinking nothing but water and milk. Please help me. The national guard says that a person who is 17, 6 feet tall, and has had no prior military should weigh 200. so i have 50 pounds to drop. here is the link to the chart. I also have to be at 26% body fat. Thanks for any help http://www.nationalguard.com/careers/become-a-soldier/height-and-weight-requirements3 months is my target. that when my friend goes to basic
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