What are the effects shrunken thymus gland

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A shrunken thymus gland will cause a diminished immune system, leaving one more susceptible to virii and disease. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-effects-shrunken-thymus-gland ]
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What are the effects shrunken thymus gland
A shrunken thymus gland will cause a diminished immune system, leaving one more susceptible to virii and disease. ChaCha on!

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are we the new guinea pigs for splenda? what do you think?
Q: i’ve never liked splenda myself but after a story my auntie’s mom told me i decided to do a bit of research. where she lives at she has some family around her, one cousin in particular. well he is a crazy fan of diet dr. pepper.. or diet coke.. i cant remember which, but it was diet none the less so it was full of splenda. anywhoo after many years of excessive drinking of this diet soda he eventually wasn’t able to do anything for himself. at first he couldn’t drive because of his slowed body reactions. it got worse to the point where he couldn’t even get up because he’d fall over after a few minutes of standing. he had to be taken care of like one of those old people regressing into infancy.. sorry that’s the best way i can explain it. well the only thing he gave up was the diet soda. my auntie’s mom had been warning him about the stuff for years. nothing else in his diet changed. he started drinking regular soda instead and well, he regained all his strength and went back to living like his old self. so the only thing my auntie’s mom (who has been a nurse her entire life) could find as the culprit was the splenda in the diet soda. well after the research i’ve done it’s quite disturbing what i’ve found. i know the FDA isn’t exactly our friend when it comes to making sure (100% sure) that the food that makes it to our shelf is safe. food industries fund much of their research so if the FDA doesn’t make them happy.. then that means no funding. splenda has only had 6 months trials done on it and most of it is in rats. they have had such things as enlarge livers, shrunken thymus glands and minor things such as migranes, stomach aches, nausea, etc.I don’t like to down things because I don’t like them, I would never do that. But the craze today with sugar free this and less sugar in that is a fad and trend health conscious people are taking and running with, and what most disturbs me is all the splenda being put into kid friendly juices and food products. I don’t want our kids to be the guinea pigs for splenda if it really is as harmful as it sounds. I’m not putting this up to say “stop using splenda” i’m putting this up to ask for everyones input..Has anyone else had any or heard of any negative side effects from using splenda? What do you all think of the articles below on splenda?http://www.steviacafe.net/dangers-of-splendathis ones kind of long so please at least read splenda side effects, i think its the most interesting part http://www.womentowomen.com/healthyweight/splenda.aspxhttp://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2000/12/03/sucralose-testimonials.aspxthe most disturbing part to me is that splenda was discovered in the 1970’s (i believe is the time span) as a pesticide! it comes from sugar, but isn’t considered sugar because it was modified by adding CHLORINE atoms. people only digest 17% of splenda so that is why it is considered to have no calories because you don’t digest any of it. but more healthy people can possibly digest more of this stuff and therefore digest more of the harmful chlorine. i just want to spread some knowledge and get some input. thank you for reading.i didn’t even realize one of the sites was selling something. i don’t believe sugar is bad for you, but in excess it can be of course. anything in excess can be harmful in some way. thank you for all your input, i’m not into substitutions at all so i wasn’t trying to support anything one of these sites was selling, i was just curious wat others thought. thank you again for the insight.
A: As a person who is deeply into nutrition and i have studied as a dietitian and as a natural health consultant and a registered nurse, I have looked into the sites you have provided and here is what I have to say.I know there is much we do not know about a lot of things we are subjected to on a regular basis and it is possible that these sugar substitutes are not good for us. I have seen the sites you provided and from these sites one was selling stevia, so they would be biased and the other two were from people who did not even claim to be medical doctors or research doctors. I like to see things come from sites like the Mayo clinic and reputable doctors before I believe what I see. I eat a lot of spenda and I have not seen a change in my personal health for the worse. I go through periods of like months where I may not use it and then start to use it again and I have noticed no difference in my own health. One case study, does not mean something is safe, and one case study does not mean something is bad. If we eat regular sugar instead of sweeteners we are at a major risk of diabetes the number one cause of death in my country. I will over time do more study on this, but I would be very careful, if I were you, if you replace all your sweeteners with sugar. I have heard that Stevia is safe, however once again it has not had a great deal of research done on it as well. I thank you for the heads up about splenda and I will look into it further. I am glad your cousin is better.
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