What are the symptoms for mad fish disease

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Mad fish disease is caused by STREPTOCOCCUS INIAE. The symptoms include fever, shaking, meningitis, arthritis, and skin/blood infections [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-symptoms-for-mad-fish-disease ]
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What are the symptoms of gold fish diseases?
Ich Ichtyopthirius is the most common of all the diseases. It is actually a parasite that attaches to the goldfish when they are stressed. When they attach themselves they are feeding off the goldfish, they look like little grains of salt. …
Can we maYbe post knoWn parasites and disease for fiSh and hopEfu…?
Problem with QTing a fish (of which I am a big suporter of QTing fish) is that you can place a fish in a QT tank and if/when you transfer it to the display tank you can still stress it out and cause it to Ich up. THe water parameters may be…
What to do when fish disease symptoms are showing
Seeking a doctor’s help is not the common to do when freshwater tropical fish disease symptoms are noticed. First, you just have to take out the fish by using a net and transfer it to the quarantine tank. You should make sure that your hosp…

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Fish disease/mad fish disease? =O?
Q: My fish died one by one slowly for no reason at all. Maybe it’s just me, but originally I had 18 fish in a 50 gallon tank. I’m not sure what kind of species the fish I had, but I do know I had 2 rainbow fish, 6 of the same species, 6 orange/blueish fish with antennas, and 3 bottom-feeders. Slowly, snails magically came out of no where and started multiplying like crazy! =( then my fish started dying out one by one. I even changed the water and bought medicine, but there weren’t any symptoms exposed. Help? Btw, one of my rainbow fish is kinda crazy and turns dark every time I turn off my lights. It crashes into the sides of the tanks, and I think his upper lip is eroded off because of that.. help? LOLthanks to anyone who answered (=
A: Your snails piggy-backed on something that you bought…It’s likely they clogged the filter or something…You should be performing regular water changes weekly.Get a test kit and look at your water parameters… or take your water to a pet store and have them test it.My bet is, that will give you alot of insight into what is wrong with your fish…Oh, and that one rainbowfish sounds like he might have a fungal infection.
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