What causes your enzymes in your liver to be high

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It is normally caused by alcohol over consumption. But it may be cause by a autoimmune disease. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-your-enzymes-in-your-liver-to-be-high ]
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What causes your enzymes in your liver to be high
It is normally caused by alcohol over consumption. But it may be cause by a autoimmune disease.
What causes high liver enzymes?
There are various reasons that your liver enzymes can be elevated. They elevation of your liver enzymes could be anything from a mild infection to something more serious such as cancer.
Can A Kidney Infection Cause The Enzymes In The Liver To Be High??
The usual equation is kidney infections causes liver enzymes to decrease. Liver enzymes are usually elevated if there is damage to the liver itself.

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what are the many causes for the enzymes to be high in your liver?
Q: alcohol consumption? what else…and what are ways that you can lower the level?
A: One of the conditions is Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency Disorder (called Alpha 1). Its a rare genetic disorder that effects the liver/and or lungs in people who have it. There are different versions, some more severe depending on the alleles one has. Its a single gene recessive disorder, so in order to get it, both parents must be carriers of the recessive gene. Other causes I know of include, drugs, medications, herbs, supplements, even teas. Other conditions that can cause it would be liver cancer I know, problems with pancreas, kidneys, viral infections. I know that “healthy living” and time can reduce elevated liver enzymes, potentially. Drink lots of water and little else in the way of fluids. Eat healthy well balanced meals, avoid junk food, don’t eat too much or too little, etc. Exercise (but not too much). Get 8 hours of good sleep every night. Reduce stress levels. Don’t smoke or do drugs. Ask your doctor about any supplements or medications, all that stuff.
what causes your liver to get inflammed? Or the enzymes in your liver to be higher then normal?
Q: My mother was amitted into the hospital for 6 days because her liver and pancreus were inflammed.She does not have a galbladder and the doctors could not figure out why her enzymes were elevated in her liver.
A: Your liver can get overloaded by many things…medications, high fat foods, preservatives in food, red meat, alcohol, bad living in general. The Chinese have believed in liver cleanses for thousands of years. There is only so much the liver and gallbladder can process with all this junk and sometimes it gets to the point of where your mom is. The kidneys, liver and gallbladder are basically your body’s filtration system. I would suggest she go through natural medicine once she is released and start a whole new, healthy, raw food diet.
I took my dog to the vet today and her doctor said one of her enzymes are high in her liver?
Q: She had blood work done cause she is getting spayed Thursday.The doctor told me the enzyme was so low that it was there but hardley noticable.She also said that the Pomeranian breed is born with a desiesed liver,and a very small % of them may encounter problems as they grow older.What is your veiw on this,oh and she told me not to worry at all.She is 12 1/2 months old.They are higher than normal
A: In young animals, it can be normal. Enzymes can be elevated because they’re been running around prior to testing and if they have been off their food or having food changed, that can affect the result. Your vet would know if it’s anything to worry about and since she has told you not to worry, then don’t.It depends which enzyme it is that determines whether it’s a problem or not and i’m guessing that your dog may still be growing so it’s probably normal and your vet will monitor it if it’s needed.
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