What disease gives you red eyes

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Conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye, can cause the eye to be red. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-disease-gives-you-red-eyes ]
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What is red eyes disease?
Red eyes disease is one of the disorders which affect the eyes. It makes the eyes red and sticky. It spreads easily from person to person and is common among children.
How to prevent from getting red eyes disease ? Best food or vitam…?
Not quite that. you tough the patient and then your self. Just besure to wash every time you have to touch the patient. Keep your hands away from your eyes.
Could Red Dry Eyes Be a Sign of Eyelid Disease??
The symptoms that are associated with dry red eyes are often overlooked and/or mistaken for minor conditions because they are so common. That is why it is extremely important to pay attention to these symptoms in case you have a more seriou…

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How to get rid of red veins in your eyes?
Q: I’m not talking about a disease or an infection, I’m talking about the common red veins running through the eyes that almost everyone has. (What’s the names of that, by the way?)I used to have none, and I want to go back to it. You can’t see it unless I turn my face left or right, but it still bugs me because I want to have none. I think some are permanent but I think it might go away if I use the computer much less.I am currently trying to use the comp less, and sometimes if I rest , I wake up, and I think some go away. Or maybe that’s just an illusion.I don’t want to have contacts or glasses (or any visual problems) and I can tell that the red veins are giving me a message. I don’t want to use ANY medications.. just any that is natural and safe.PS: Does not using the computer help?(I don’t have any other electronical devices)And if it does, can you provide me something that doesn’t make me want to come online and use it?Thanks for your help!
A: Eye drops will make them go away but the real problem is probably your eyes being strained. If you watch tv or look at a computer screen a lot your eyes tend to get lazy and strained. And believe it or not, You can do eye excercises to help. I/ve done them personally. I thought I was going to need glasses because everything was always blurry and my eyes were always red. but my doctor just said it was because I didnt focus on things enough. a computer screen was the problem. I didnt get glasses thank god. Try taking a pencil, Hold it 6-8 inches in front of your face. Focus on the pencil only. Then keep looking right out it but put it out of focus and look at everything far behind it. Keep repeating up to 30 times. Do this at least twice a day. In a few days, you’ll see a huge change.
why do i have red eye on my right eye for almost 3 weeks?
Q: just to tell that im using contact lenses.ive been just wondering i got red eye on my right eye for almost 3 weeks without recovering..is it sore eyes or wat? ive have several details of my activity which may you thinks thats the cause of it..well the first time.. ive got somewhat like ulcer on my back upper lit of my left eye..i went to the doctor and he gave me the medicine to apply on it. after it recovers a few days. the disease affected my right eye now..maybe it has some connection of sumthing. but this time its worst. it has ulcer on my upper lif of my right eye. and for 2 weeks it has been swollen like hell. until my frends for frightened by looking at it. and i went to doctor again..after 2 weeks of recovery. i had 3 days camp of my school. so the first dae of the camp we went to kayaking in the sea water…after that..my frend told me i had red eye on my right eye..so after 1 week later..the red eye faded away..and it came back 2 weeks or so..and i dont know what happen then!
A: If this has been going on for 3 weeks, and is accompanied by pain and discomfort, you need to get that red eye to your doctor and have it checked. If you wore your contacts while kayaking in ocean or in a lake, and water got in your eyes, it is possible you picked up an infection from bacteria in the water, which is why you shouldn’t wear your lenses while doing things in water, unless you wear good, snug-fitting sunglasses or goggles over top. Its possible your lens has a tear or rip in it. Either way, you need to STOP wearing them, throw them away, put your glasses on (gee, I hope you own a pair) and get in to see your optometrist.
Rabbit eye disease?
Q: Hello,I know the first reaction to my question is that we should take our rabbit to the vet immediately. Not that we are inhumane, but our rabbit is 13 years old, blind, possibly had a stroke, lost her sister a year ago and we feel that trips to the vet have become too stressful for her. We feel that there is nothing more we can do for her besides comfort her. Our often suggests blood work, which would again, be too stressful for her.Bugsie, 13, has been blind for roughly 3-4 years now. Her eyes are covered in a white, hazy color. One eye developed a red spot about a month ago. Pretty much overnight she developed a white coating over her entire eye. The white spot protrudes outward and appears oozy. She cleans her face and it seems as if she breaks bits off that crust into her fur. We do not suspect that she is in any pain as she is still eating as normal and spends a great deal of time grooming herself. I ask this in hopes that you could give us an idea of what she is going through. It scares me that eventually the entire white coating will disintegrate and be wiped off. It may be the best thing for her as it is extremely difficult for her to close her eye. I would consider providing a photo, but it really isn’t a sight anyone would want to see. I suppose I am just looking for somewhat of an answer as to what is going on. Obviously, we are not looking for a cure.Thanks,Kate
A: Have you ever considered that the rabbit may be suffering and you are doing nothing about it? Take it to the vet at once and take responsibility for your pet. DO NOT IGNORE THIS ILLNESS!!!!!!!!
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