What does a low pulse count mean

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A slow resting heart rate may be caused by heart disease, heart medicine, high levels of fitness, or an underactive thyroid gland [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-a-low-pulse-count-mean ]
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What does a low pulse count mean
A slow resting heart rate may be caused by heart disease, heart medicine, high levels of fitness, or an underactive thyroid gland

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How do you prevent cancer?
Q: Hello, I am just kind of wondering, if cancer is common in your family, how can your doctors monitor your symptoms and make sure you aren’t developing anything dangerous?I have been dealing with:Severe Chronic Fatigue (some days I cry thinking of getting out of bed because my body is so wiped out I can barely move)Chronic Sinus Infections (about once a month)Chronic Ear Infections (about 3 times a year)Chronic Bronchitis (about 4 times a year)Chronic GI problems ( had appendix and gallbladder removed within six months of each other August 08- March 2009)Dizziness & Tachycardia (If I go up a flight of stairs and check my pulse it’s usually at about 115 and will stay that way pounding and racing for about 20 minutes. I got on an elliptical machine and it said my heart rate was 175 right at the beginning of the work-out and I had to get off the machine)Depression/AnxietyOvarian CystsBlood Pressure ProblemsJoint PainKnee Condition and Flat FeetVery poor gag reflexFevers (Chronic. Low grade fever almost every night 99.5-100 when my temp used to be 96.9 every day by nature)ChillsVision ProblemsSeizure like symptoms (staring spells and paralysis attacks)Fainting SpellsChronic Kidney Infections and UTIsNow, leukemia and other cancers are in my family history. (My great-grandma and grandma on my dad’s side both died of leukemia at the age of 52 which my doctor says was a pure coincidence and my great grandpa on my mom’s side had it as well) Breast cancer, thryoid cancer, and skin cancer (grandpa on mom’s side)…Now with all of that said…my doctor awhile back said “oh, with all your problems we should keep an eye on your blood test results” but never followed up with that…how can I hold them to their word?I have a cardiologist, endocrinologist, autonomic specialist, gastroenterologist, urologist, gynecologist, neurologist, and a therapist…but I can’t get everyone on the same page! How the heck would I? lol. There’s too many of them and all they ever do are stupid tests! I’ve had so many tests on me, I worry about radiation (over 15 CT scans in the past year)I want to stop seeing ALL of these doctors as I’m not sure what they’re even doing for me as I’m still ALWAYS sick!! My fiance and her family are really worried because every month I end up in bed with a fever and vomiting or something…I’m starting a new regimen, and adding a new vitamin to the pills I already take and even more water (I drink a lot already), I’m doing more exercise although I have to be careful not to do much cardio with my heart-rate.The worst part is I am only TWENTY THREE years old!! I feel like I’m falling apart.Help me please?! I need to know how I can monitor this with my doctors and how to rebuild my immune system!! :((Oh and on a side note- my doctor said to me that I have a slightly low platelet count. What does that mean?)Thanks for reading this…and sorry if it’s too long!
A: OMG hon you do sound as though you are having a rough time of it.Being honest I think that Cancer is something to put on the back burner at the moment and get yourself sorted out for the problems that you are experiencing right now!There is no way to prevent cancer but a low platelet count can be from an infection unless it is continuous and seriously low it’s not something to worry over.Since you seem to have such a lot of various symptoms I would suggest that you get your Doctor to check you over again and refer to you another specialist for a 2nd opinion.All of this also depends on where you live I’m guessing it’s the US I am in the UK and I know from prior experience that when I was ill I was hospitalised and kept in until they actually found out what it was I was suffering from. Isn’t this something that you can have done too?I wish you all the best and hope that your health and state of mind both improve!Heather
HIGH pulse! over 100 due to soda/caffeine or medicine or both?
Q: Early this morning a little after 5 am i woke up to use the bath room i notice my heart was beating fast ( i didn’t have a nightmare) i took my plus ( count for 10 sec then multi by 6) i got 102I did have soda day and eat very little but that was the first time it happen i drank soda before bed too.I’m on a low dose (25 mg) of strattera(non-stimulate) and i had to get a lowed does best i had the same problem but with chest pain this is just fast heart rate.with this low dose i usually had 4 cans ( 1 can a day) a week maybe 5 to 6 every other week and no problemthis week there was a bomb fire and we brought home left over which was smores and soda and because we have very few sweet normally ,so now we are chowing down what we brought back.soda have low caffeine and normally i can take caffeine very well without going off the wallI plan to tell my doctor Thursday but in the mean time i plan to write down everything i eat and keep track of my heart rate until then.I’m 19 (20 in 2 days)What do you think is causing this?am i right and its caffeine ( or maybe sugar?) or is it the med and caffeine ( or other)?anything else you like to add?
A: Eating the right food is crucial for your wellbeing. You can try supplementing your diet with acai berry, it’s not solely a widely tested and acknowledged weight loss compound, it’s a superfood too. There is a risk free trial offered at http://garint.humandiet.info I’ve been taking it for 2 weeks now and it’s certainly working!!
Rapid heart rate, weight loss, blood tests show nothing?!?
Q: Ok so in January this year I fainted on the London underground (felt sick and faint and weak before I actually fainted). It was extra packed and hot so I didn’t worry too much. But since then, like on the same day, a few hours after it happened, I’ve had a rapid heart rate, as in, it’s faster than usual. Doing more beats per min. And usually every day there will be moments where it speeds up even more to about 110-120 bpm but for no reason! And I feel short of breath/like I can’t get enough air. And occassionally I have palpitations for about 10 seconds.In May/June my mum noticed I looked thin, I admit I hadn’t weighed myself for months so dunno if it was sudden or gradual. I normally way 7 1/2 stone, I’m 5ft 2 and have a naturally slim build, like others in my family. So I don’t want any comments saying my “normal” weight was too low. Everyone is different.So anyway, weighed myself and I was 7 stone 2! But I hadn’t changed my diet/appetite so it happpened without reason!. Went on holiday in June/July so didn’t have time to focus on it. When I got back I looked thinner and then weighed 6 stone 13!Went to GP, they did blood tests for: thyroid function, kidney and liver function, full blood count, ESR, urea and electrolytes and creatinine. They all came back fine, although she said my potassium levels were slightly low but it was nothing to worry about. Also had ECG, all it showed was my heart rate was too fast.I have to note down when my pulse speeds up and go back in a few weeks. They might decide to do a 24hr or 7 day ECG. I have been eating a lot more for the past few weeks, haven’t lost any more weight which is good. But it’s really unlike me to lose so much weight and struggle to put it back on.It’s as though my metabolism is too fast, but the results were fine and my GP doesn’t yet know what it could be!The heart rate is not related to diet, caffeine etc. One thing I noticed is it seems to speed up when I’m anxious/hyper.excited etc. I know it’s a normal response in humans, but the fact it goes so fast, and happens when I get the teeniest little bit happy seems odd. It’s like my body is over-reacting to things. I never used to be like this!No I am not on drugs and I don’t drink excessive amounts of alcohol.It isn’t any medication I’m on.I don’t think it’s stress cos I’ve hardly been stressed this year and I usually get headaches when I’m stressed.I tried cutting out caffeine for a while but it had no effect so I know it isn’t that.Another thing that has started about a month (maybe a bit longer) ago was that sometimes, say every week-ish, I have a few days where I get a really dry mouth and I feel so awful and drained of energy. I didn’t mention it to my GP, but I will next time I go. I drink plenty of water, I’ve actually been drinking more for the past few months cos I knew I probs didn’t get enough and decided to take action lol. So it’s not what I drink. And it’s awful, it’s the sort of dry mouth you get when you’ve had alcohol/you’re hungover!It’s happened again the past few days, but yesterday and the day before, I also kept needing to pee. Today, I haven’t had that. But I’ve still got the dry mouth and I feel really drained and awful.I keep wondering about diabetes. But the symptoms would be constant, right?Although I’m sure I read about a form of it where the symptoms come and go or may not be as obvious and then it develops into “full blown” diabetes. Anyone know anymore/know what I am talking about?My nan has type 2, diagnosed a few years ago, most likely because of her weight, age, etc. I know with type 1 it can occur on someone who has no family history, but am I right in thinking type 2 usually does have history? So would that mean that my dad has the “gene” from my nan and then passed it onto me?Cos I read about MODY (type 2 in young peple) and wondered…Sorry for such a long question, but any help would be much appreciated :)I just wondered it anyone else has had these issues, if they could give any more advice, and what they think about these diabetes symptoms that seem to come and go.
A: ‘anxiety pur and simple.stop reading medical stuff
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