What does cholesteral have what to do with the body

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HDL cholesterol is the “good” type that is protective against cardiovascular diseases. Scientists believe that HDL carries..MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-cholesteral-have-what-to-do-with-the-body ]
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What does cholesteral have what to do with the body
HDL cholesterol is the “good” type that is protective against cardiovascular diseases. Scientists believe that HDL carries..MORE?
What Does Cholesterol Do for the Body?
・ Cholesterol is a part of the outside of the body’s cell walls. ・ Cholesterol is a part of the acid the body uses to break down food in the digestive tract. ・ Without cholesterol in the body, vitamin D could not be synthesized. Vitamin D i…
How Does the Body Produce Cholesterol?
・ Cholesterol is a type of lipid, or fatty substance, that travels in the bloodstream to all parts of the… ・ About a quarter of our total cholesterol comes from the food we eat. The rest is produced by the body… ・ Not everyone manages t…

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What do these blood pressure and Pulse/ min numbers reveal about me SYS – 123 Dia – 57 Pulse / min – 52.?
Q: I am fairly active and balance this with a healthy diet composed of plenty of potassium to balance my soduim intake. I also sweat quite often to expel the salt (soduim in my body) My SYS pressure seems to be slightly over the optimum of 115. Now I realize this is not a medical emergency but I would like to be proactive with my health and more than anything understand whats going on in my body. And by the way my fasting blood sugar falls in the optimum range of the 70 – 99 (73) while my cholesteral is 125. I am 32 years old and don’t take prescription meds (never have) and I don’t smoke or drink.
A: Your blood pressure, pulse, and cholesterol are perfect! You have nothing to worry about — the average blood pressure is 140/80, so 123/57 is excellent! Cholesterol of 125 is very low, too which is good! Anything over 200 is high and 125 is beyond excellent. You have absolutely nothing to worry about!
Ok I have done a lot of answering but not asking so here goes…?
Q: I’m 36 yrs old and several years ago I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disk disease, two years ago with reversed curvature of my c-spine,and last year with Ostioperosis in my HIPS ( bad enough in my left hip I have a fist sized hole and according to my DR started about 6-8 yrs ago.. my daughter is 9 now ). I’m overweight I’ll admit that and working on loosing weight but weight is not what caused these problems according to my dr’s. Last year I was in the hospital for the MSRA Staph infection but even though symptoms were on both legs I only tested positive on one leg. Don’t have Lymphedima, nor Vasculitis; don’t have High Blood Pressure, Diabeties, High Cholesteral nor do I have HIV or the HIV Dormant Virus. I also have Fibromyalgia but not the kind that’s blood/virus associated according to the specalist I went to. So.. Anyone have ANY ideas what could be causing this deteriation and problems with my body? I even managed to TEAR a disk in my lumbar ( gel no longer in disk ).*lol* Bass, If that were ONLY true and it were all in my head. However with all the MRI’s, X-Ray’s, Scars on my legs and all the other darn tests I have it’s a sure fire thing it’s not Psychological. I have had the Fibromyalgia problems since I was 5 years old, only at the time they didn’t have a name for the pains and muscle weakness I suffered; only that I had them and wasn’t making them up. Oh and Tearing a DISK is about as easy to do as trying to deliberatly break a bone with your hands (talkin’ healthy strong bone with good marrow content too). It’s far easier and more normal to have a Herniated Disk than it is to Tear a disk. Tearing a Disk is NOT FUN! The pain alone from the gel that is forced out of your disk hitting your spinal colum and nerves is unbearable. Took me from Jan 6th when that happened to Middle of Feb before I could walk upright properly, and then till middle of March before I was driving again. If it happens again I’m wheel chair bound perm. per all my Dr’s!Hey Purple, thanks hun know that already though but thanks for your indepth info. *hugs* As to treatment for the Ostio.. I’m doing Forteo intermuscular injections EVERY DAY for a two year program. I’m almost up on my first year and go in to see the Dr again for another bone scan to see if this is working. Oh and I forgot to add. Don’t have a Vit. or Calcium difficancy either both their levels were Norm. Another in the line of WHY I have this at this age. According to what I have read and been told it’s less common for a woman in her 30’s to have Ostio than a woman in her 50’s. HEY anyone know the # to the Medical Book of RECORDS *LOL* This ones for the books I say. Oh and for those that are wondering.. THIS IS LEGIT on what is going on with my body, not some BS HOAX. So if you have ideas would love to hear them even if they are a bit WACKY *grin*ANYTHING to keep me sane where all this is concerned.TINA, Never heard of spondylitis before. Will look into it more on the net to see how it corresponds with what’s going on with me. Thanks hun *HUGS*
A: it is possible that your fibromyalgia is the key culprit to the deterioration of your body, I hate to hear that you have that because from what I have read about it, it is a terrible disease. I hope you find out what the cause is but my guess would be the fibromyalgia. Take Care and God Bless
Unexplained weight gain.?
Q: Hi. My name is Nicole. I am 20 years old. I have been having some wierd symptoms for a while and so far no doctor will really listen to me. I only have insurance at free clinics. Anyways the symptoms…. They started when I was about to turn 16. I have always been really healthy. I always ate well and had a physical life. I loved playing outside and was a serious dancer in ballet, tap and contemporary. So when I was near the age of 16 I started to gain weight. I was and still am 4’11. I went from flucuating between 110lbs-115lbs to 155lbs-160lbs in a matter of 3 months. I have weighed in that high range for the past 4 years. I went from a B cup to a DD! The weight gain was really tough on my body and emotions. Along with the weight gain came fatigue, excess urination, decreased sex drive, heavy and painful menstral flow, a sort of humpback, lots of stretch marks, increased cholesteral (215 which is borderline high),pain in joints and back after strenuous activities, constant sleepiness. I do not eat bad. I eat tuna, fruit, veggies, boiled/baked chicken ect. I do not drink. I am not on any drugs except for birth control which was prescribed recently to help with my periods.I was still dancing and working out hard until recently because I get so tired and lightheaded. I have been tested for diabetes, THS, and lupus. No doctor will believe me. They all say that I just need to eat right and exercise. They think that I am not exercising and eating terribly. It is so frustrating. I can only go to doctors at my free clinic. I am desperate. If anyone has any ideas about what this could be or how to get help with these ***hole doctors please let me know. If you have any other questions email me at [email protected] am going to post a before and after pic. Keep in mind that these pics are only about 3 1/2 months apart.BEFORE: http://www.flickr.com/photos/34994143@N0…AFTER: http://www.flickr.com/photos/34994143@N0…here are the correct links for the picturesbefore:http://www.flickr.com/photos/34994143@N08/3241885739/after: http://www.flickr.com/photos/34994143@N08/3241885457/Also… I have had all the regular blood tests, had my thyroid checked, had my iron checked ect… I am in school in the medical field so I understand where you are coming from.lol sorry some more stuff…..I eat what a nutritionist tells me to eat so I know that I am eating the right stuff and right amount. Thanks for all the ideas guys…
A: Well hmmm. I had some of what you have going on and it was a vitamin D deficiency. The analogy they gave me was this, if you are low anything you get from diet or supplements is used by the body immediately. You never fill up the reserves. I took a Vitamin D (a prescription) once a week and at 3 weeks felt a lot better. I did that for 2 months. I had gained weight, periods were a mess, tired all the time, acne, my ankles and lower back would hurt … The other thing I would mention is that you appear to be on the road to diabetes and if you are weight loss despite your best efforts can be soo hard. What are your numbers? Also, you said you eat tuna, veggies etc. and work out like a demon. You do know that if you are not eating enough that weight loss will cease and you will actually gain weight? Your body thinks it is starving and will hold onto every calorie it can get. I wish I had more ideas. This is a thing that women go through all the time. Dismissed or they tell us we are being hormonal when it is in fact our hormones that are out of whack and NOT normal. I wish you the best and feel bad I cannot help more.
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