What is a good name for a fake disease

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Berserker plague, Descolada, Krytos virus, and my favorite, the T virus. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-good-name-for-a-fake-disease ]
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What is a good name for a fake disease
Berserker plague, Descolada, Krytos virus, and my favorite, the T virus. ChaCha on!
What is the name of the fake disease that Maeby’s fake twin has??
・ BS. Maeby uses the ‘dying girl’ routine in order to earn more money from the kids at her school. … ・ The courthouse. Lindsay is angry with the statue because she broke one of her high-heeled shoes on it. … ・ When Lindsay, Tobias and M…

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What would be a good name for a fake futuristic disease?
Q: I’m writing a story about a a disease that causes 2 minds to be inside one body and I cant think of a name for it. Thanks for any ideas!
A: use latin!start with “dia” which means two I think. then find the latin word for mind is mentis.Put them together and “diamentis”.P.S I took the case form which would sound the best.good luck
How can I have “safe” unprotected sex?
Q: I want to go to bars and have unprotected sex with a lot of women.Is there a good way I can do this without picking up diseases??Should I be selective in the girls I pick?? What are signs of disease??Also should I use a fake name in order to impregnate them and then ditch them so they never find me??Thanks for your answers.
A: The problem with Darwinism is that sometimes, it doesn’t work as fast as it should.
I’m trying to find the name of this book. Can anyone tell me what it is?
Q: I got a book from a library in Zion years ago and I am trying to find it so I can read it again. As far as I can remember the cover showed a girl glancing to the side and a few feet behind her a shadowy figure stared at her from behind a wall. Again, as far I remember the book was about a girl who was the object of a demon’s affections. The demon tried to capture her and make her his bride by sneaking into her room but she outsmarted him and he left defeated and full of fury and anger. Then, when her sister went missing she went to the demon thinking he had taken her and offered herself to him in return for her safety. As it turned out he didn’t have the girl at all. He found out where she was and took the girl he loved to her. The girl’s stepfather was the one who took the girl’s sister. He wanted to kill her so that he could keep the house and the family’s inheritance and then he planned on killing the other sister as well. The demon tortured him and tied him up and left with both girl’s to the underground world. He forced the girl he fancied to marry him and there was a very long strainful (and painful) ceremony and ritual where the girl had her wrists cut and her blood was drained into a container. This was how she discovered that she was part elf…or something. And during the ceremony the demon discovered that the life line on his wrist paused and then continued. He was curious about that but it would become very serious later on in the story. The girl was miserable at first but tolerated her status as queen and her husband as best she could. She found out that she wouldn’t have a baby unless she started to enjoy her new life and look forward to each day and then she slowly fell in love with the demon she had unwillingly married. When her new husband fell ill from some disease she had to bring out the snake that was inprinted on her wrist as a mark of her newfound royalty. She faked trying to kill herself, the snake came alive to stop her (which was it’s job) and then it helped her get back to the human world to find the cure to save her husband, informing her that she was already pregnant with his child. I remember quite a bit more but I’ll move on to the end. The girl found the cure, saved her husband, and had her baby who had her eyes, her husband’s hair, and a lion’s paw that he assured her was a great honor to have. Of course she cried because her baby was disfigured but it was a happy ending overall.So…with that semi-long description, can anyone tell me the name of the book? It would be very helpful to me if you could. Maybe you’ve read it before or you work at a library and your good at looking up books. Either way please help me out because that’s one story I would dearly love to escape into again.
A: Was it a young adult book, by chance? I remember something, I believe I read it. Was it the hollow kingdom trilogy, by Clare Dunkle?
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