What is it when someone lies for attention More

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Pathological Liar Definition: a person who lies to the point of it being considered a disease or condition, an abnormally. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-it-when-someone-lies-for-attention-more ]
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What is the most exaggerating lie you have ever told someone abou…?
That I look like Megan Fox. Oh wait, that’s not a lie.

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When is it “O.K.” to lie to someone?
Q: My wife has been lying to me for years about anything and everything. I know I’m not perfect, but can my imperfections trump her dishonesty? She cheated on me, but what hurts worse is the lying; it’s like an emotional and mental betrayal. I have made countless efforts in order to allow her to trust me, but it’s like the more she lies to me the less she trusts me. Now, after three years of sticking with her through thick and thin and praying she opens up, I’m beginning to be angry all the time and screaming and yelling are becoming an everyday occurance. She looks at me like I’m a monster and is blaming my new-found resentments and anger for the reason she lies. The problem is that she cheated on me, voluntarily swore on our childrens lives while knowing she was lying, and continues to lie everyday about where she’s been, who she’s talking to, and every second of her life, that I don’t see with my own eyes, is a mystery that she keeps secret by lying and manipulating. She did all of this before I ever got angry at her! Now, that I am finally standing up for what’s right, she’s attacking me by triangling mobs of her friends against me when she’s at work and telling everyone I have anger issues. I mean, yeah, I do have issues with being angry at someone who constantly destroys our family with lies, childish games, and immature gossip. Yet, somehow, I remember all the wonderful times that we have had in the past and I can’t help but love her deeply. We have two beautiful daughters who deserve to see mom and dad work it out. I have serious abandonement issues and the thought of losing my family again is unbearable. I’d rather be beaten to a pulp then lose my wife and kids and have them lose me.My wife tells me she loves me and that she wants us to be together forever, but today she unearthed all of our personsal drama to anyone who would listen in the middle of Wal-Mart. She refused to talk to “me” about “our” relationship, but she had no problem telling 20 other people. Someone called the police, and she swears she had nothing to do with that. I was calm and cooperative and the officer said that since I and she had done nothing wrong, there was nothing he could do either way. She insisted on taking the children and staying seperate from me. I mean, we had an arguement this morning, but I didn’t expect all of this! She’s always telling me one thing and doing another. Lies! But, then she always comes back hoping that after a huge fiasco, I will bow to her will and allow her to lie to me day in and day out without getting upset or drawing any attention to her lies!? Is it ok for her to just keep lying and lying and lying? She admits it, but expects me to never get angry about it?I want my marriage to work!
A: I don’t want to be mean but this marriage isn’t working. If you want to stay married to her, then you two will have to seek counseling and find ways to trust again. However, you will never trust her again after learning about the constant cheating and lying. As the saying goes, once a cheater always a cheater. Do you plan on lying there every night thinking who she has been with and what diseases did she catch to pass them on to you? Save your sanity and work on taking care of your kids instead. Show them that their father is there for them regardless of what goes on with you and your wife. Don’t let them suffer.
what does it mean when a guy pays attention to me more than usual?
Q: my best friend – who is a guy. we are really close. we got into a ridiculous argument two months ago. and we stopped talking. well, he got tired of not talking and wants to start over. (it was a mutual thing)we were texting the other day, and when I said I had to go to work.. he was just all like “oh ok” which isn’t like him unless he wanted to talk longer. then after work I texted him about something that happened at work, and he was like happy to hear from me?then the next day, I went into work to get some things, and he was outside talking to someone as soon as he saw me, he interrupted the conversation he was having to say hi to me. then he rushed in and we were joking around a bit. and he only payed attention to me, no one else. even my mom noticed that.. he didn’t even acknowledge her, just me. lately he pays more attention to me, and texts me back right away when i do text him first.the only thing is he does have a girlfriend, but he said he doesn’t see me as more. which is fine, i guess. when we got into an arguement recently, i said i wouldn’t date him if he was the last guy on earth, he had a fit about it! and wouldn’t stop going on about for almost two months!he blushes around me, eye contact, laughs all the time, leans into me, stands close to me, plays with my hands, helps me at work, bumps into me, he hit me with a mop lightly lol, acts clumsy and nervous, stares at me, flirt, texts all the time and so on. (the list could go on forever) there has been several times i tried to avoid him, becauseof my feelings for him won’t go away, and we had an aguement and didn’t talk for two months but he always tried to get me to come back and talk to him. we’ve known eachother for a year, and ever since we met.. we’ve always been so comfortable with eachother. we work things out, and just enjoyed eachother’s company.but he says, he sees me as just a friend? is he telling the truth or lying?what do you think?
A: He is really interested in you, ie: he seems to be making the first move to get to you, he drops everything & everyone at a moment’s notice, has eyes only for you, playful, he gets the butterflies when he is around you. You are always on his mind–I would say, he is in love. He is not lying, but just does not know how to deal with his feelings since he has a gf. Give him some food for thought; next time he is playful, say ,’Your gf must be always thrilled if you act like THIS with her’. He will compare his feelings and come to a decision. Play it cool!!
Why would a guy work so hard to get my attention? He may have issues…?
Q: Been writing about a study colleague who has shown interest this quarter – he’s showin through his actions more than words. About a little over a month ago, he took me out to dinner. I discovered he was “only physically attractive” to me. Though I was nice, I kept my reservations about him and kept caution. (And I made it VERY clear i was NOT going to give i up. I’m old fashioned w. that stuff; I am not a slut nor do I present myself in that way. I’d like to say I’m classy). Within the weeks, he opened up. He admitted he was the type who had a hard time trusting – he was honest and blunt. Also he also said if he finds out if someone lies, it’s hard to trust. We cuddled, kisses (NO sex)…just physicaly close. Here’s the thing: once he moves forward and is affectionate, he moves 3 steps back. I am guarded myself and if he notices it, he takes 5 steps back. Complete mixed signals; i’m not one to pressure “labels” or titles but I wanted to know what was up and my intuition was tellin me to confront him. That day, he was bein kinda inappropriate. We were studying alone and just smacked my butt. What was gettin me was that NO ONE gets benefits if they’re not an “employee” (get it?) so why is he PDA w. me? I only discovered I was just a “kissing friend”. I was disguisted and he said it wasn’t a “big deal b/c its just a kiss and we didn’t exchange bodily fluids”. (WOW) Also he just does it b/c “it feels good and is fun”. He said if it really made me feel uncomfortable, there would be “no more kisses”. For someone who’s almost 30, he acts like he’s 13. He made last attempts (i think) to make me feel bad saying “guys have no emotions” and b/c i’m “pretty” guys will never look past my physical features. (i am NOT a slut nor do i present myself in that way). He wanted to leave or “talk on the phone” about it – i got my answer and just dropped him. Afer that night, he’s been doin things to get my attention – asking me for help/showing me things at lab (he’s the smartest guy in class), texting AND calling to ask where I am (when he knew i had another class/lab tht night). He invited me to eat w. some people and I was too sleepy and skipped out. In lecture (he sits in front of me), he texted me asking when i was leaving (had another committment to go to) AND turned around to tell me he had texted. He sits in the front row, texting in front of our prof. He offered to look at my lab results, record them, etc… Later that night, he texted me if I was stll awake. AUGH.NO! WHY IS HE LIKE THIS? And what do you think? (not that I would go back bc i don’t waste time on losers who don’t respect me) Why bother all that time w. me if you’re not interested?
A: He’s trying to break you from being such a square. He would just leave you if you do sexual stuff with him because he’s a hunter.
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