What is medicine to help with liver disease

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Few treatments are effective for life-threatening liver disease. Care is mostly supportive, such as diet changes. ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-medicine-to-help-with-liver-disease ]
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How to Evaluate the Research on Herbal Medicine for Those With He…?
Walking through the aisles of a health food store or supermarket, you are likely to see many everyday products—such as green tea, licorice, artichokes, dandelion root, peppers, and turmeric—claiming to be beneficial in the treatment of live…
Will alcoholic liver disease affect me when taking medicine??
Since one of the functions of the liver is to process drugs and other chemicals in your body, if your have liver disease you may process medications differently from the other people. Always consult with your doctor about the dosage of both…
What Medical Conditions Can Serve as a Contra-Indication to Using…?
Please, prior to using the drug notify your healthcare provider if you have any of the following states: Have liver disease or liver failure Are pregnant Have allergies of any kind. Don’t forget to tell your healthcare provider about the ot…

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Holistic medicine for liver problems?
Q: My friend is having a lot of issues with his liver. He has a tumor in his pituitary gland ( it think thats where it is) and he takes A LOT of medication for it every day. Tuesday he went to the doctor and he ended up in the emergency room and they ran all kinds of tests on him. They are suspecting Crohn’s disease, they found two intestine abcesses, and possible enteritis and he has an infamated liver and think it may be Hep C- probably from a dirty needle they used at the hospital (they ruled pretty much any other possibility out of how he could have gotten it). My question is if there are any holistic remedies that could help? he has to wait a whole week to find out what exactly is wrong with him and he cant even take anything for the pain because of his liver. Im worried that once they do find out what is wrong with him they will just give him more medicine.
A: I feel all-natural NutriFeron could be very helpful. It’s a blend of immune-strengthening plant extracts which strengthens immune response by boosting the body’s natural intereron.Dr. Kojima, who discovered interferon in 1954, spent 40 years searching for a natural interferon booster.It’s a blend of natural plant extracts from pumpkin seeds, safflower flowers, plantago seeds, and Japanese honeysuckle flower buds which have been clinically proven to support and stimulate the natural immune response process at the cellular level.Hope this is useful and feel free to contact me with questions.
What are treatment options and degenerative timelines for Hip Dysplacia & Intervertebral Disk Disease in dogs?
Q: My 6 yr old shih-tzu mix was diagnosed yesterday with Hip Dysplacia and Intervertebral Disk Disease. Though he can still walk and even run or rather “bunny hop” at times, he is mostly feeling lame and laying down more and more. He is having trouble jumping, even just a few inches on to our porch. I’m told by the vet to limit his phycal activity, though he’s currently not feeling like doing much. It breaks my heart to know he will not be able go for walks or even play fetch anymore without difficulty. On Friday, he goes for a blood test to make sure he does not have liver disease as the medicine he’ll be prescribed may affect it.I’m looking to find out more about these diseases from people who have actually experienced them first hand. I have read what I could online and from my vet, but would like to know what the long-term prognosis is. How long will a dog with these disorders live? How soon will it become worse? Besides surgery (can’t afford) will help his quality of life?Thank you for the cart idea, they are much less than surgery where it will go into the $1000’s. Just for x-rays, I spent $456 (and that’s with insurance @ Banfield). I still have meds, lab work and probably more x-rays & CT scans to go before they tell me surgery is an option. It all adds up.
A: If you can’t afford surgery, I would say that maybe you look into a pet wheelchair.. Pet wheelchairs and becoming more and more popular.http://www.k9carts.com/save not being able to either, it would be very sad if she couldn’t walk at all or had pain walking. She could probably continue to live but her quality of life wouldn’t be so great.. Progression of disc and hip dysplasia varies among dogs. Some dog’s minor dysplasia can be dealt with with pain killer and what not..PS. I went to the pet-cart page and it seems that for a dog your size, the pet wheelchair costs less than your diagnostic work. If surgery isn’t an option, please look into it. On their faq page, they specifically note usage of the cart of hip dysplasia and disk problems.Best of luck.
liver disease question?
Q: my uncle recently went to the doctor and apparently (according to my mom) he was told that his liver was starting to fail. my uncle is 56 years old. he has been a drinker since at least 20 and a heavy drinker in his 40’s. he was diagnosed with diabetes probably 5 years ago. he doesn’t really monitor what he eats. his blood sugars are usually on the high side. in addition to his diabetes medication he takes medicine to control his high blood pressure. my mom only speaks spanish and i’m wondering if maybe from spanish to english ‘liver starting to fail’…maybe i’m getting something lost in the translation and that’s not exactly what is going on. i have tried to ask her exactly what the doctor told him and she just says the doctor told him that he needs to start taking better care of himself because his liver is starting to fail him. only in spanish. and then she says that he doesn’t want to talk about it and that is why he is keeping more to himself. so, i don’t know what it could be. does this happen to a lot of people with type 2 diabetes? he probably weights 190 tops and is about 5’9″. i wouldn’t consider him overweight, but he does have that larger midsection. in the past year he has lost some weight, but i don’t know how much. maybe 20 lbs??? could this be cirrhosis? or what do you guys think? i have been trying to read up on liver disease but i only find definitions and symptoms. i just want to learn more about what the doctor may have meant. please, help me if you can.
A: I think you’re in for a lot of frustration if you can’t arrange to get some firsthand information both from your uncle as well as from his doctor or, if you want to take it to the next level, a liver expert.It gets more complicated because a lot of different things can start happening with someone in your uncle’s shoes. The diabetes makes the effects of the alcoholism worse and vice versa, and increases risk of heart disease, stroke, and so on; he may have felt a bit ashamed of his drinking for a long time; over time, with the addition of another serious health problem, depression is likely and may worsen over time due to the alcohol and the diabetes, all of which can make a patient resist taking care of himself properly. He is very likely to deny all of this (nonsense!), see discussions about it as judgmental and a challenge to his dignity and autonomy, and start framing these issues in an adversarial way.So you’re looking at an uphill battle. Don’t let hearsay reports or language barriers make things worse. Don’t argue with your mother or with your uncle. Be calm, reasonable and candid. Always check inside yourself to see that where you’re coming from is sincere caring and compassion, and let it show. Talk with your uncle’s doctor(s) yourself, if he’ll consent to it, or go with him. Then ask the doctor what you can do.Good luck.
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