What is the disease called for someone who is socially awkward

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Social anxiety disorder is a disorder that is characterized by extreme shyness. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-disease-called-for-someone-who-is-socially-awkward ]
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What is the disease called for someone who is socially awkward?
Social anxiety disorder is a disorder that is characterized by extreme shyness.

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Can someone please help me in any way possible?
Q: My boyfriend is having issues in his home. He is always being treated unfair. He is the second oldest in a house with 4 total siblings and 2 parents. His oldest brother is very mean sometimes. He used to beat him up when he was still to little to defend himself and is afraid of him half of the time but made a promise that they would never snitch on each other and put it on a brother code and my boyfriend has held strong to his word to this day. My boyfriend has a curfew. He is about to be 17 and he has to go to bed at 9 on weekdays and 11 on week ends no exceptions but his older brother at his age got to stay up till ten and no curfew on weekends but now he has no curfew at all. I don’t find that fair, he isn’t treated as fairly. His parents say that he isn’t allowed to stay up because he is hard to wake up but i know that is crap because my boyfriend wakes up early all the time when he wants to and he is never hard to wake up. his brother is so hard to wake up that it takes an hour just to get him up but his parents don’t seem to see this. His brother is irresponsible and never does anything he is supposed to and is always doing something wrong but never gets in trouble. he never does chores or anything. My boyfriend does more around the house than everyone else combined and extra. His parents treat him like he is a retard and his brother is mean to him. He has tried to confront them but they don’t do anything but yell at him. they always yell at him even when he didn’t do anything wrong! And my boyfriend has told me that i’m the only one who ever shows true love for him. He trust me more than anyone else in his life. he has some social disease that he can’t look people in the eyes and is socially awkward but i’m so social i became close to him no problem! But he takes hard classes in school and he was failing his Anatomy and physiology class but his dad threatened to ground him if he had an F so he worked his butt off to get a D and now the day before our midterms his dad tells him that on the report card if he gets a d or an F he is grounded and after all that work it is still impossible to get a c. I’ve studied with him and everything. i know he has busted his butt but his dad is always talking about how he never studies and that is bull! We’ve even asked if we can have a study date in his living room where his parents can see us and they tell us no because he needs to study! WHAT!? that makes no sense to me! But my boyfriend…ok i’m tired of saying that over and over, his name is Josh, Josh is working so hard but his parents don’t see but his parents know how to hit him hard. When he gets grounded he doesn’t get grounded like his older brother or two younger siblings, no he gets grounded from me! the one thing that brings him the most joy, they take it! He won’t be able to call, text, im, email, write a letter too, hang out with or anything. the only time we will get to see each other is the 5 minutes a day at school and that is it! This is a punishment to me too! what did i do wrong? I mean i’m busting my butt to help him pass but quizzing him and researching the topic myself just so i understand it a little to help him study but it doesn’t matter to his parents. If there is anyone out there who knows any possible way to make Josh’s life a little better please help me! Josh is miserable. He keeps talking of running away but i keep talking him out of it. He has to fight so hard. He is so miserable in a home everyone treats him like crap, hates me even though i’m only a positive influence on him, and just don’t care enough it seems. I’ve told him that i’m going to buy an apartment when he gets closer to graduation and then he can move in with me as soon as he graduates. it’s the only thing i can think of but we still have 1 3/4 years left till then and it’s getting harder and harder for him to take the crap he gets. I brought him to life. he didn’t talk to anyone or do anything because of his disease but that isn’t his fault, it doesn’t change his personality which is what i love about him. when is is with me he is always smiling! He is happy until we have to say good bye for the day and he holds me like he’s never going to see me again because that is how we feel. that his parents are going to make it impossible to see each other! Maybe it’s just that we are teens, if any of you are parents then maybe you can clear up why they would act like this. maybe i just don’t understand? Maybe they are being rational…..but i don’t see how, if someone could help me in any way i would appreciate it greatly!
A: Interesting, but hard to get into the root of why because even you do not have the answer, but again I will try to clarify some of the things from my knowledge here;I hope you’ve clarified the kind of disease this poor kid is having, maybe the reason lays somewhere in his actions being weaken by the diseas. Some parents don’t seem to be fair to their kids because they think they are not able to do alot more and make them proud. Ofcourse, they think of themselves.He has to stand up for himself no matter what. This from experience I tell you if he verbally forces things that are unfair to him he can win if he is able to prove others in the family wrong. You too drop some lines in their family and tell them sometimes that he is trying his best he can do learn. Tell them of his progress on the bright sides do this when everyone is out there. I don’t knwo if it’s possible, but if not don’t do it. Speak to the mother, tell her they are unfair and he needs some space here to fit properly he is a good boy rather. (She will tell husband and things will be fine that way)You seem to be a nice girl, keep supporting your boyfriend and do not leave him alone he is in your need. 5 stars to you.
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