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Hypersensitivity Pneumonitisis an inflammation of the lung caused by the body’s immune reaction to small air-borne particles. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-disease-hp ]
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Can Hp Lori Disease Be Cured?
Yes, but the treatment involves very powerful antibiotics plus acid reducers. This *must* be done under professional medical advice, this is not a DIY Internet job!
What is the treatment for HPS disease?
At the present time, there is no specific treatment for HPS. Early intensive hospital care can save lives.
Is HPS a “new” disease?
No, definately not. The Sin Nombre virus and other New World strains of hantavirii have probably been living happily in their rodent hosts for thousands of years, long before the first immigrants even settled here. There are even referenc…

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ulcer-ulcer feeling,burning in bolt area where were previously more infection in std.What are the treatments?
Q: Dear Sir,Incontinuation to my previous information-I, having age 58, have been suffering from N.G.U since 1987, which originated from s.t.d. originally, the organism detected was staphylo–coccus aureus.V.D Doctor prescribed erythromycin, but it was an under dose and under time treatment (as per opinion of medicine specialist), which cured 80% and infection remains within the bolt area (frontpart of penis).2. Since it had not cured fully, the infection relapses. Same condition would happen incase of other antibiotics i.e. would heal some portion when antibiotics applied, but infection relapses again after the course. 3. Different doctors both of V.D. and Urology made treatments with various antibiotics of 1st, 2nd and few of 3 rd generations such as ampiciline,doxycycline,ciprofloxacin,sparfloxacin,levofloxacin,nutroforientoin,ceftriaxone,azithromycin etc. available in our country. Ultimate effect of these fillings for along period has created in me acute mental depression (causing vertigo & headache) and I am under psychiatric treatment for seven years with setraline.4. Lastly, I met Dr. Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, professor of urology, CMCH, Vellore, India where several tests were done as per his advice. One of the tests EPS analysis yielded staphylococcus coaglague negative. Urothoscopy was also done, but according to the Doctor no infection was found.5. He had prescribed medicine i, e, Cephalexin 250 mg (one at night) along with Z-vit (twice daily) and amittriptaline for 6 months. 6. I started taking medicines on 15.10.04 and continued for 7 months. During the course of taking medicines-microscopic exams. of Urine has yielded-pus cell 3-5 / HPF & epithelial cell 3-5/ HP after 9 days of discontinuation of medicines. 7.Although microscopic exams. of urine signifies that infection may not so grave, but the present condition of the disease is that -the burning, pain, irritation, infection-infection feeling and some times biting & itching sensation within the bolt area (i, e, front part) of penis and also uncanny sensation when urine flows are continuing. These sensations, being at the sensitive end of the penis, are resulting in me headache, depression and vertigo. 8.lastly in Dec.o5, I went to Singapore to a urology expert who examined my blood opined that there is no infection.Accorting to his view it is dew to prostate which brings to me such feeling. He put botox injection into the prostate and massaged two times. In In spite of that treatment I still feel such symptoms as before.9. Please suggest remedies from the concerned experts.
A: I was told by my chiroprator that drinking Aloe Vera Juice can help with ulcers. I am no doctor though.
Randomly Slow Internet?
Q: PLEASE HELP ME!!I AM ABOUT TO LOOSE MY MIND!!!Hi,For months it’s fine, then for weeks it is not, and then it randomly starts working again. And now my internet is back to reminding me of dial-up.I know for a fact this isn’t because of high internet traffic in my area. And my computers are not Dells.My internet network for both my computers and my xbox 360 have all been slow lately and previously in the past at random times.I normally get 30 Mbps and it is patchy now, I sometimes get over 30, a minute later I am getting 3, the next day everything is working again, I get happy, the next hour and it is back to 4 mbps and I lagg out from my friends on Xbox Live. The internet is slow on all computers including the Xbox. When I plug the modem directly into my computer via ethernet cable it performs at the desired 30 mbps. I use my xbox via wireless and the other computers with ethernet.I have ruled out the possibility of the router hardware being broken.I used to have a Linksys WRT54G V6 router with the most recent firmware but just today bought a brand new router because I thought the old router was broken. So I have ruled out the modem and router being the cause, so all I really have left to accuse is the computer. Vista. I have no idea how Vista can be affecting my internet but it does. I have disabled all firewalls and tried internet speed with no luck. I have also deleted internet history and cookies and such with no luck. I am having comcast come out sunday but I do not think they will be any help. The internet is fine until I plug it into a router. Then it stops working well. At least right now. I have disabled all security and it does not help. I have even spent hours with Linksys people trying to solve the problem with no luck. I have also restarted the modem and routers and even reset both and infinite amount of times with no results. This is like an unknown or rare disease or something for computers.Here is what my set up is:-Two HP Brand new computers with Vista and Norton Anti-Virus-A Arris Comcast Modem, fairly new, compatible-Good ethernet cords-A correct setup-30 Mbps normally-Wireless security on the new Belkin Router- A Belkin N+ Wireless RouterI really need help with this problem, best answer to who ever solves it please!
A: eat me kabibbles!!!!!
Birthday Gift Ideas? Lamborghini?
Q: Hey douglas, hope you find this.First, i must have read you incorrectly because i thought your dad was dying. he’s not, that’s cool. wish i could say i hope he’d get better, i do, eventhough you’ve already said what he has is an irreversible disease.however, that being said there is nothing else i will apologize for. you’re efforts to research the “practicality” of a lamborghini i actually find to be a slap in the face. it’s quite obvious a car of that stature isn’t practical unless you’re mario andretti and never need to make a grocery run. And my car is an aftermarket tuned 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII, and as i said it has 585 hp to the wheels. You’d better believe it’s fast AND it can haul the groceries. If you don’t understand why i mention it, go watch this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_92uFBLhAhY&feature=PlayList&p=F7EB27B3F5A7DE43&index=0Good job getting everyone to report me, it’s obvious you’re offended by the fact that i’m willing to stand up and tell you you’re offensive. Way to be mature, I guess having money doesn’t make you a nice person does it?You know what dude, I get reported every day. I come home from work and there’s always a notice saying that one of my answers has been removed. That’s fine. Half the answers i provide are in jest. I see something and I make it funny for myself, sometimes it’s even funny for other people. But that doesn’t change the fact that I feel the people out there who click on the “report abuse” button just because what i say happens to offend them aren’t just a little bit cowardly. Life is offensive and it takes on many issues with not an unkind hand. If these people don’t understand how to find humor in the every day, then all they will ever have in their life is pain.
A: Thanks,I accept your apology. Yeah, sometimes the illness can be emotional (not necessarily, like, crying, but rather angering, I you know what I mean). Why I reported you (and apparenty many others did) was about my dad’s disease, not the car. I really don’t take automotive things very personally. I just wanted to clarify this. About pulmonary fibrosis, think if it as a stairway. You could be doing fine, but a cold or the flu could cause you to go down a step, and you can’t go back up. Pulmonary fibrosis is the crystalization of the lungs. Thanks, anyway.
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