What is the name of the disease that stunts your growth

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Hodgekins Disease can stunt your growth but as a child, you’re more likely to get your growth stunted by coffee! ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-name-of-the-disease-that-stunts-your-growth ]
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Does anyone know of any rat disease that stunts growth and can en…?
I know nothing about rats. But I have to say that it’s a big coincidence that your older rat died on the same day that your baby rats died, even if she was coming to the end of her life span. It’s particularly coincidental if the 3 rats wer…
Can diseases stunt a puppy’s growth?
Yes, much of the energy that would usually be used for growth goes into surviving the disease.
Can Lotrimin AF stunt penis growth? or do any harm or causes any …?
it will not affect anything but the jock itch just if you get any on your hands be sure to wash them immediately

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Is there anything else grammatically wrong with this paper?
Q: My english teacher gave me my paper back to proof read and I did but can you see any other mistakes?Note: This is a paper on guilty pleasures.——————————————–The pot is getting hotter and the smell is drifting throughout the house, the coffee is brewing. This liquid is a very enjoyable pleasure with a warm taste. Coffee has bad attributes connected to its name, it can make you hyper, then make you crash. There are many rumors having to do with this subject. Yet if you use it responsibly, these side effects tend to not happen. Coffee may be considered a guilty pleasure because of such stigmas such as this, yet there are many more becoming properties. It is common sense that if you repeatedly drink dark liquids your pearly whites may no longer be pearly or white. Another downfall is that coffee can make you hyper, and then crash, it could also make you jittery. There’s the possibility of becoming addicted to caffeine. It has been said to stunt your growth. One of the biggest concerns, especially in the current economic climate, is the punches your wallet takes supplying this pleasure. Five dollars a day for coffee might be considered excessive . A pure health concern is the effect on the bladder. It is said to be something of a diuretic, which means that it makes you need to use the bathroom more.But as there are good things to be said about this delicious drink also. Coffee may be able to stain your teeth, but we have this wondrous invention called a toothbrush which would tend to counter act the problem. Just as well, coffee makes you look like you have ADD, but that is only if you overdose on it. A cup in the morning or during a cold time outside won’t hurt. Same goes of addiction to caffeine, if you do enough of anything, you will most likely be addicted. The word to live by is moderation. As for this pleasure cleaning out your wallet, it is just not true. If you invest in a coffee pot then your 5 dollar venti coffee could pay for a whole months worth of coffee in your kitchen. Even a jobless student can afford 5 dollars a month. It is quick to make. It is also wuick to reheat. This lovely liquid may make you feel like you want to go the bathroom a bit more, but this is nothing compared to the benefits that come from coffee. Coffee has been proven to prevent certain cancers like liver, colon and bladder cancer. Heart disease, reduce the risk of diabetes and even raise your IQ and short term memory. There is studies shown to help prevent Parkinson’s disease and treat headaches. It also prevents gallstones. Some of the risks can be cut in half. This is the cheap hypochondriacs dream drink. It even helps your blood stream to remove excess fat which equals weight loss. Last but not least, the obvious alternative for coffee would be hot chocolate, yet hot chocolate has nearly 500 calories a serving whereas coffee has more towards 10. For the reasons listed in the second paragraph family and friends do not realize why coffee if such a pleasure to me. My mother blames my great grandmother for giving me milk laced with coffee when I was four, and it’s been downhill ever since I worked my way up to black coffee. My father can’t even drink coffee black and doesn’t understand why I can. My friends just don’t understand its appeal. They all just list the same generic arguments, dark teeth and bad breath. Yet they can all down 5 sodas a day with caffeine and sugar and think it is all right, but one cup or thermos of coffee is horrible. I believe that they all hear stuff from the news that tends to emphasize and sometimes over exaggerate the negatives. It takes an avid coffee lover to understand what those who don’t drink it to understand. The only thing I listen to is they all think I drink it too much could have some validity since the nice ladies at Starbucks know me by name.Yet I refuse to recognize their arguments. With all the work that needs to be done with graduation coming up and then college, I’m sure a decent amount of all nighters will be coming up. I will need some help, this amazing drink is my help. It is now October and winter is coming fast, it shall be cold outside, sometimes downright frigid. It just makes sense to warm myself up from the inside as well was the outside. In some weird was coffee helps with my allergies. Warmth soothes the throat, and when my throat is scratchy, coffee helps like nothing else. Something that is purely superficial is the way that smelling it in the morning just makes waking up a whole lot easier. Last but not least, the cheapness of this drink makes it a very logical choice in my broke perspective. Coffee has many different attributes, some good, some not so good. But it is very obvious to me that the factual and personal points that say coffee is just a pleasure outweighs the factual and personal points that say coffee is a guilty pleasure. This is realized by the sheer number of reasons listed for each as well as
A: I looke through your paper and edited what I thought needed editing. Is there an e-mail address I can send it to? e-mail me at [email protected] I will send you your edited paper.
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