What is the worst way to get blind

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Not Medical Advice Blindness can be caused by an accident, if something hurts the eye. Some illnesses, such as diabetes, can damage a person’s vision over time. Other eye diseases, such as cataracts. What the worst way, being blind period. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-worst-way-to-get-blind ]
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What is, in your opinion, the worst way to insult a blind man??
Should have listened to your mother, when she said to knock that off or you go blind.

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Did I react in a good or bad way?
Q: Sheyyy we didnt have any french homework, yess? :):)11:26pm Medossier11:27pmSoh really? haha okay thanks…11:27pm Meyw11:27pmShows your week been havent talked to you much11:27pmMeIt hasn’t been that badI’ve just been really tired.I came home today and went to bed at 5 and just got uplol11:29pmShaha niceee, i know what you mean. ive had the shittiest week possible.11:30pmMeawwhat’s wrong11:31pmSwellll if you havent heard.11:31pmMewhat is that supposed to mean11:32pmShalf my guy friends hate me, anna tthinks im a bitch and is telling EVERYBODY that, oh and wait heres the best part: when im 30 im going to go blind. i got 3 shots with freaking needles in my eyes, and im 1 out of 1000 people to develop a condition that my eyes are so messed up that i see differently from anyone else:(11:33pmMeI’m sorryall of this will passjust take a second to breathe11:33pmSi wish that my eyes would take a breather.11:34pmMethey can’t really predict when you’ll lose your eyesightit differswhat exactly do you have11:34pmSi dont know what its called.im really scared and upset.11:35pmMehow do you not know what condition you haveo.O11:36pmSum because i was just told this morning. he didnt tell me a certain name.11:36pmMeah of course11:37pmSwhat the heck??! why are you being so rude about this?11:37pmMehow am I being rude?11:38pmSthe least you could do is show sympathy. i dont believe your sorry at all.why do you randomly hate me on and off? you know, i hear people and what they say. tons of people tell me that you say really bad stuff about me behind my backbut then the next second say im amazing.whats your problem with me.11:39pmMeWhy are you randomly accusing me?I don’t talk about you.11:39pmSbecause this has been an ongoing problem and i wanted to confront you about it.youve NEVER ever talked bad about me?11:40pmMeNoI’ve asked about you, but I’ve never straight come out and talked bad about you.11:40pmSwow okay, i guess like, 5 people are lying to me randomly then.11:41pmMeYou create a lot of unneccesary drama11:41pmSim sorry im just confronting everyone who ive heard has a problem with me. if nohahah yeah i always create it.of course, im always in the center of it and i should really lay off right?wow, you sound just like jimmy and austin and eilliot.11:42pmMewhat makes you say that11:42pmS’you create a lot of unnecessary drama.’you know, tons of people do, not just me. it really bothers me when people POINT OUT MY FLAWS.11:43pmMeI don’t even see them anymore.Elliot is in 1 class with me, but we don’t talk that often and it’s def not about youWhen I say you create unnecessary drama11:44pmMei didnt say you talk bad about me to them. i said you OSUND like them. thats what they say.11:44pmMethis is a fine exampleflat out accusing mewhen you don’t even knowI don’t talk about people(other than jessica, but we’re cool now and not fighting)so…honestly I don’t11:44pmSoh right, you dont talk about people but you just insult them to their FACES.11:45pmMehow did I insult you?11:45pmStons. of. people. create. drama.there are so many other people who do worse things.maybe instead of focusing on whats wrong with me, just focus on yourself. thats what im trying to do.11:45pmMewhat’s wrong with you?coming on hereand saying I talk crap about youisn’t exactly a good way to keep friendsa lot of ppl have reached their breaking point I see11:46pmSbreaking point?what with me? yeah, dont worry ive noticed.if you want to, go ahead, trust me its nothing new.11:47pmMeyou’re not helping yourselfdigging a hole11:47pmSneither are you. i can handle myself.im actually not digging a hole.its actually been getting a lot better, thanks.11:48pmMeok s. you win. good night.11:48pmSum no. i dont win, because you have your own opinions. sometimes its actually good to talk. but whatever you want to do.11:50pmSwhatever you want, you know better anyway. bye.11:59pmS offline.The reason I wasn’t sympathetic is because I don’t believe her. Every year she has some story to make people feel sorry for her.She has been known to be a compulsive liar also.I realize it’s really stupid, but how would you have reacted?
A: Some individuals… have a craving for getting attention from others. Some tell sad stories, some do stunts. Sad part is they don’t realise that themselves…its not bad either just a part of growing up.Anyways, seems like she is more of a burden than a friend to you. Decide whether she is worthy of being your friend… else let it be. She’ll learn with time. Dont spoil ur mood either 🙂
how to spread Dawah (inviting and teaching about islam) in the largest possible way?
Q: Ok here was my idea, i live in a area which has many muslims but all but a few seem to be content with treating the non muslims as invisible they dont give them answers when they ask questions they dont try and spread islam or educate people. Instead, because of all the negative publicity they react in a bad way when people ask them questions.Anyway, there is a group of men that once a month do a dawah stall in the local shopping center. they are really practicing MashAllah but i have noticed as once a non muslim my self that non muslims have a hard time accepting that women arnt oppressed. it doesnt help when the dawah and the people trying to convince you that it is a fair religion are always men.anyway i thought about make a dawah stall run by women (im not for all this equality stuff or womens rights) i believe that women and men dont have what people call an ‘equal status in islam’ (what men can do women can do) im not saying we are mistreated but its common sense that women can do things better than men and vice versa -im saying that women and men just have different statuses that recognises that we are psychically, mentally and emotionally different. and i completely believe 100% in what islam says each of the genders can and cant do.i want the stall to have at least 5 sisters who are knowledgable and quote the correct quran and hadiths etc, im not encouraging them to talk to men, im more hoping that more non muslims will come and approach us for questions and books and also be encouraged as 2 of the stall people will be reverts.which is the other reason as non muslim are more likely to argue that being born in a muslim family will ‘leave you blinded to sense’ hence why there will be some reverts there too. anyway i wrote to an islamic site in egypt and they sent would you believe it 79 books to my door free of charge to the UK!!!so now i want to put these books to good use. i have researched the law and got in touch with the local council and found the local law on opening a small stall and its completely fine. i just want to know what others think of the ideai mean i wear niqab and so do 2 other sisters, all the sisters will be in hijab we wont neglect our prayers or stay out past maghrib and all conversation will be strictly about spreading Islam. i have done small talks at uni and stuff before and i feel confident on answering questions by non muslims i just want to know what other people think of the idea?wow whats with the aggression, please dont use that language with me as i have not spoken to you like that be courteous please. if you dont like what you hav read then just be reasonable and say why, in normal non offensive language and dont resort to abusive language because it solves nothing.actually i have spoke to my local council directly and the only thing they allow on the streets in religious stuff and i explained eerything and they said its allowed. im not shoving it down your throat all you have to do is walk past the stall we are not going to approach anyone we wait for people to apporach us. theres no need for this aggression constantly and all this go to another country i was born in english i am white my whole family were born here and i only became muslim 2years ago. this is my country just as much as it is yours and this country doesnt just belong to one person or one faith so enough with the aggression, im trying to spread peace.this is stupid we wont approach anyone so we not invading any space and what person would approach a mosque to learn about islam before i was muslim i wouldnot have considered it. and aisha dawah is part of islam. and to the other people there are christians stalls right near it and im fine with seeing them they are nice people.and the comment about peace islam in arabic means peace and if people followed it correctly it brings about peace dont judge a religion by its followers go to the scriptures.im sorry my english must be confusing you ‘silly me’. but i vaguely remember saying im NOT approaching anyone. no one! im a psychologist and i know that approaching people will not have any benefit as i said before i will set up a little stall and if people want to come over they can and if they dont they can walk by im not calling out or handing out leaflets im just going to stand there and let people come to me. and yes!! i have had christians approach me it might shock you but i didnt mind i politely told them i wasent interested and thanked them. and as i said before im NOT going to approach anyone. just stand behind my table thats it
A: Ye absolutley. No problem with the idea. Infact its a great idea, a few Muslim women spreading the message is great and will open people’s minds.Also remember that you always need to ask Allah’s help when preaching and pray that all goes well and that many people’s hearts are drawn to the true and peaceful Islam.
Blind Gourami, getting picked on, can’t be left in the tank……….?
Q: I have a Gourami who has lost a eye due to gettting picked on, and he is blind in the other. The other fish pick on him and send him running into the glass. I can’t flush him, I feel way too bad for him. I’m thinking of getting him his own little tank, even though I don’t know how long he will last. What is the smallest tank I could get for him, and he still be comfertable. Because he’s blind, I don’t know if I should put plants in, what should I do?
A: make it as comfortable as possible
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