What types of cancer effect the heart

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The rarest of the mesothelioma types is pericardial mesothelioma, this cancer affects the heart. A disease that has started to come to light in recent years, The mesothelium is a sac that lines and protects vital organs like the heart and the lungs. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-types-of-cancer-effect-the-heart ]
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Is heart disease a type of cancer?
Heart disease isn’t just one thing, it can be caused by a variety of problems that include: Coronary artery disease- [hardening and narrowing of arteries, which leads to angina (chest pains), heart attack, heart failure, shortness of breat,…
Is there Any type of cancer that would allow you to be a heart do…?
Not that I know of. So I had to make a switch, instead of being an organ donor.. I am now donating my body to a local lab to future research on cancer.
What type of cancers are known to occur near the heart or does it…?
Cancerous (malignant) tumors of the heart are most often sarcomas, a type of cancer that originates in the soft tissues of the body. Occasionally, cancer can spread to the heart, such as from lymphomas that originate in the structures of th…

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What is the direct effect of heavy consumption of alcohol (alcoholism) and the chemotherapy drug carboplatin.?
Q: My family member was diagnosed with larynx cancer (stage IV) and has completed the intensive chemotherapy round, and is going to be starting radiation with chemotherapy. Luckily he is doing well with the treatment and his tumor has shrunk. With all I know about this type of cancer and what was told to me by drs, I understand that this cancer was caused primarily because he smoked and drank heavily. He has stopped smoking, but is still in denial about the alcohol and refused to stop (he has been in treatment twice over the last 20 years, recently 5 years ago). Without using a crystal ball what are his chances after all treatment is complete and is expected to come out “cancer free” of a recurrance of this type of cancer, or another type of cancer? And what needs to be done to test his liver and heart after the effects of the chemo/radiation and alcohol consumption?
A: As per drugs.com, there are no adverse interactions with alcohol & carboplatin. However, we all know the deleterious effect of long term alcohol consumption to the liver. Also some drug products can cause drowsiness and may affect activities such as driving, taking alcohol would increase the drowsiness effect of the meds.As for the liver and heart test, better ask the doctor so he can make accurate recommendations.
Can you PLEASE help me solve these!? 10 extra points*?
Q: I’m taking my health class online and I have no clue what these questions mean!PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEHELPP MEE!!!What is a typical reason that a two-year-old should see a health care provider? to be assessed for cancer to receive an immunization to have a Pap smear to have blood work for cholesterol doneAn injection of which of the following can help to the body improve one’s own immunity and life-long resistance to specific types of infectious diseases? hormones vaccinations chemotherapy drugs antibioticsWhich health care professional would be responsible for providing an ultrasound to a pregnant woman to visualize the fetus and its development? phlebotomist registered nurse dietitian radiologic technicianWhich birth defects occurs when the roof of the mouth does not fuse together? Muscular Dystrophy Spina Bifida Down’s Syndrome Cleft PalateThe loss of which hormone contributes to osteoporosis? insulin oxytocin estrogen thyroxineWhich of the following behaviors will not help reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease? using sunscreen maintaining a healthy weight exercising regularly eating a low-fat dietWhen the body doesn’t produce insulin, what is the effect? cells absorb too much glucose and the blood sugar is low cells don’t absorb enough glucose and the blood sugar is high cells produce too much glucose and the body uses fat for energy cells don’t produce enough glucose and the body stores fatWhat can people do to reduce their risk of developing type 2, or adult-onset, diabetes? reduce salt intake wear sunscreen or protective clothing when outside take insulin regularly eat a healthy diet and maintain a proper body weightWhat can people do to reduce their risk of developing skin cancer? reduce salt intake wear sunscreen or protective clothing when outside take insulin regularly eat a healthy diet and maintain a proper body weightWhat is the most prominent and preventable risk factor contributing to lung cancer? air pollution no insulin produced lack of exercise smokingWhat is the single, most effective means of breaking the chain of infection? wearing gloves when in direct contact with people using disposable tissues for the cold or flu washing hands frequently throughout the day cooking and storing foods at their proper temperatureA fifty-two-year-old woman feels a squeezing, crushing pain in her chest. The pain also extends to her left arm, neck, and shoulder. She is short of breath. What is she suffering from? diabetes mellitus a stroke a heart attack breast cancerWhat is metastasis? swelling because of fluid retention in the abdomen cancer cells leaving a tumor and invading other parts of the body breathing into an inhaler to open up the airways using a balloon on a long tube to flatten plaque in an arteryWhich of the following best increases the chance of surviving nearly any type of cancer? chemotherapy radiation early detection surgeryWhat infection is transmitted by mosquitoes and is relatively new to the United States and can cause flu-like symptoms that can result in encephalitis? West Nile Virus lung cancer heart disease Alzheimer’s diseaseThere have been documented cases of HIV being passed through all these ways except which of the following? excessive sweating breast-feeding blood transfusions sexual intercourseWhich of the following is a myth about HIV and AIDS? There is no cure for HIV infection. Only homosexual men get AIDS. The virus that causes AIDS attacks the immune system. Many HIV-infected people look and feel fine.What is the most common way hepatitis A is transmitted? fecal-oral route sexual contact contaminated needles breast-feedingHow does HIV affect the body? It infects red blood cells, decreasing the amount of oxygen the blood can carry. It infects certain white blood cells, destroying the immune system and making the body susceptible to infection. It infects the alveoli of the lungs, reducing lung capacity and the effectiveness of the respiratory system. It infects blood-forming cells in the bone marrow, producing anemia and destroying the immune system.
A: 1. to receive an immunization2. vaccinations3. radiologic technician4. Cleft Palate5. estrogen6. using sunscreen7. cells don’t absorb enough glucose and the blood sugar is high8. eat a healthy diet and maintain a proper body weight9. wear sunscreen or protective clothing when outside10. washing hands frequently throughout the day11. smoking12. a heart attack13. cancer cells leaving a tumor and invading other parts of the body14. early detection15. West Nile Virus16. excessive sweating17. Only homosexual men get AIDS.18. fecal-oral route19. It infects blood-forming cells in the bone marrow, producing anemia and destroying the immune system.
Aspirin regimen?
Q: Taking low dosage 81mg aspirin has been shown to have positive effects in reducing heart type problems and perhaps stroke or certain type of cancers. At what frequency should one take a low dosage aspirin. One tablet once a day? One tablet twice a day? Has there been research on this.Please don;t guess here as the consequences of an incorrect answer could casue someone health problems. Any doctors out there?
A: Three different doctors recommended it to me. 81 mg one a day.All concur, get the store brand It’s cheaper.Caution, if you are having surgery, you should cut out the aspirin a couple days before andn ot resume until your doctor clears it.One thing I noticed,, I can’t remember the last time I had a heacache.
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