What was the order of the ten plagues

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1. Blood 2. Frogs 3. Lice 4. Wild Beasts 5. Pestilence 6. Skin Disease 7. Hail 8. Locusts 9. Darkness 10. Slaying of firstborn. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-was-the-order-of-the-ten-plagues ]
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Why were the ten plagues in a certain order?
every plaque was physically related to the previous plaque

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Why does the christian god have a blood fetish?
Q: In order to forgive pre-jesus sins, you had to slay a random animal and throw the poor thing on the altar. He turns water into blood in the ten plagues, then in order to evade the angel of death (since god was too stupid to think of the idea of telling the angel which innocent firstborn sons to leave alone), you had to mark your door with (lamb?) blood. Jesus wants christians to ritualistically drink a shot of Welch’s™ grape juice and pretend its his blood, talk about psychologically damaging children. At least a third of christian hymns sing about being covered in the blood of christ, what the shite? Who fantasizes about being drenched in blood? Its just wrong.Drinking blood? Seriously?BIG BROWN: That’s nothing but a cop out. Everyone uses it, even jesus himself used it. “You wouldn’t believe me even if i explained”. We both know what that is – an excuse for you to not have to think up an explanation. What you have done is given yourself a free pass to shove it in the back of your mind and not worry about it and keep having faith. If you want to do that it’s fine, but be honest about it.Jerry: Sorry but you’re an idiot. I realize i’m not drinking blood. You need to go back and read slowly this time.Goodfor52: I was a christian for 15 years. I’ve read the bible. And come on, the grape juice thing was thrown in for satirical purposes, lighten up.galice24: i don’t attack people who don’t give me the answer i want, I’m rejecting the answers of people who are attacking me and/or giving me illogical answers. The only person I called an idiot was jerry and he insulted me first. You’re projecting, grow up.batgirl2good: Good job, I’ll take a look at the link.
A: Wow I’ve met some people who were lacking in spiritual discernment..but you get to go to the head of the class. though I doubt your having this much trouble.
what is the order of these in the bible?
Q: – Adam and eve- baby moses is placed in a reed basket- birth of isaac- birth of jacob and essau- birth of moses- cain and abel- creation of the world- destruction of jericho- noah and the flood- the burning bush- the exodus ( israelite departure from egypt)- The ten plagues
A: Creation of the worldAdam and EveCain and AbelNoah and the floodBirth of IsaacBirth of Jacob and EsauBirth of MosesBaby Moses takes a trip down a river in a reed basketThe Burning BushThe Ten PlaguesThe ExodusDestruction of Jericho
What are your top ten films and why?
Q: In my spare time I love to watch films, and over the years I have developed a list of my all time favourites. I want you to take your time and think what the best films you’ve ever seen are.Here is my top ten in descending order:1) Mildred Pierce (1944) Joan Crawford is classic in this empowering lead of working woman in the 1940’s2) La vie en Rose (2006) A sad thing about this film is because it is a French language drama that not many people know about it. Marion Cotillard is so expressive in this film about a woman growing up as an outsider and her eventual rise.3) Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1967) Katherine Hepburn’s breakthrough role as a woman in love with a African-American man in a racially divided America.4) Titanic (1997) An obvious but in my mind unforgettable choice. The way James Cameron weaved the leads into history was fantastic.5) Places in the Heart (1984) A story of heartland survival in which a mother of two (Sally Field) working on the farm fights to keep what her husband left her.6) Amelie (2001) A very funny, French language film about an outcast girl that is mistaken to have various health issues. Amelie (Audrey Tatou) eventually finds peace and comfort as a match maker, and suddenly everybody wants to be her friend.7) The Hours (2001) Nicole Kidman is stunning in her role as Virginia Woolf (One of my favourite authors), accurately catching her plagued personality by fault of deep depression. Julianne Moore also takes a stunning co-lead as a middle aged housewife suffering from Malaise finding comfort in reading Virginia Woolf’s ‘Mrs. Dalloway’8) Amadeus (1984) The events in this film were completely fabricated but, nonetheless, is still a great film.9) Australia (2008) I holidayed to Australia in 2004 and loved it thoroughly, one of the most interesting movies I have seen in a long time. I learned a lot of what it must have been like for those early settlers there.10) Revolutionary Road (2008) This film is one of the most honest perceptions of the breakdown of a marriage. I have seen this kind of thing happen first hand with my parents. For me it was outstanding and memorable film.So there’s my top ten, take your time to think of your top ten films, and why they are.
A: I am not sure I can pick out ten! but I will try:1. Sometimes in april – This is about the Genocide in Rwanda, it is such a beautiful film.2. Joyeux Noël – I love French films, there is a certain beauty about them that I love. And with this one it is particularly moving and I think that all people can relate to (in that we are aware of war, and that everyone is a victim, even the soldiers of the other side)3. Farinelli Il Castrato – Well I must say, the plot is pretty disturbing as are some of the images in it! but I love it simply for hearing all that castrati repertoire, and also seeing Handel faint! I know immature. (Also Stefano Dionisi is a good actor, but when I saw him in Vivaldi, the prince of venice… I was greatly disappointed! He didnt even have red hair!)4. The Wizard of Oz – How can you not love this?5. Shooting dogs – again this is about the genocide in Rwanda.6. The kite Runner, I like the book so much more, but this was actually an alright film.Ill add more later!
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