Why do people finger themselves

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People masturbate for various reasons, such as stress relief, to avoid sexual diseases and pregnancy, and because it feels good. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-people-finger-themselves ]
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How do girls finger themselves?
Everyone can (and everyone deserves to) enjoy the pleasure of orgasm, including everyone who chooses to enjoy it alone instead of (or in addition to) having sex with someone else. There’s no such thing as “being too young” for tha…
Do guys finger themselves?
some guys do yes…….it doesnt make them gay, stimulating the prostate can lead to very strong orgasm.
Is It Normal For Girls To Finger Themselves?
Yes this i normal most girls do it or have tried. i suggest you give ago. i do it everyday it’s the best way to know what you like and how you are pleased. more people do it then you think. girls find it hard to talk about this topic.

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Why do people do this thingy?
Q: Why do people finger themselves, especially kids, why would they want to do it? I’m 14, and I think it’d hurt. What does it do? What’s the point? Why do they do it?
A: Nope, it doesn’t hurt. I’ve been doing it since I was like 4. (not for sexual reasons obviously, just ’cause it felt good). Some kids explore their bodies and play with themselves, others don’t. When you hit puberty the reason becomes to relieve sexual tension.
Why do people raise a finger or two when they take a pic. for themselves?
Q: Victor .. baby .. it’s the peace sign when the palm is facing us .. otherwise their telling us something else .. not v.pretty either
A: Hi. For a number of reasons the first one is the peace sign; the second is to act silly, the third is they don’t know what they are doing so they copy other people, the fourth is definetly when one is stating their Gang affiliation and they want to make sure in every pic it shows. Peace
Why do people touch themselves in different places and then smell their fingers? Seriously, id lke to know.?
A: It has evolutionary meaning for the survival of the species–and–probably the same reason that dogs smell each others … and cats like to lick their …Thank that might be it?
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