Why does my cervix hurt if i’m not having a period

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Carvix pain may be a symptom of various diseases, such as cervicitis, vaginitis, dysplasia, various infections or cervical cancer. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-my-cervix-hurt-if-i%27m-not-having-a-period ]
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Why does my cervix hurt if i’m not having a period
Carvix pain may be a symptom of various diseases, such as cervicitis, vaginitis, dysplasia, various infections or cervical cancer.

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I’m starting to wish that I never got pregnant in the first place?
Q: I am 23 weeks and 5 days and I am having a very complicated pregnancy. I have period like pain in my stomach daily, I am tired all the time and I have NO energy, No matter how much water I drink I am ALWAYS thirsty, I don’t want sex with my partner because it hurts and I can’t feel anything, I have very itchy hands and feet (the doctors want to test me in a few weeks for Obstetric Cholestiasis. I had a test done at 18 weeks when all the itching started but since then it has gotten more frequent but they want to wait a while. I have to go along with them because they flatly refuse to give me any blood tests before then) and I keep on getting odd feelings of pressure in my cervix. I have also recently developed bad financial problems.I got pregnant with the idea that I was going to have a healthy pregnancy and an OK baby.I am embarrassed to admit it but before I got pregnant I didn’t even know what a stillbirth was (I had heard the word mentioned but didn’t really know what it meant). Now I do and I am scared of the possibility.If I had known that things would get complicated I would have not had children.I just feel so down about the pregnancy. I hate people asking me about it so much that I try and avoid people and I stay at home all day.Despite that I feel too tired to go to college and can’t concentrate on anything. I also keep on forgetting things and losing things and I never did this before.On top of all that I have Aspergers Syndrome so social services have decided to involve themselves.I don’t want anyone to comfort me and I push my partner away.Before I got pregnant I wanted a baby, so I don’t know why I feel like this.I do care about my baby but I can’t help feeling angry and upset at everything and everyone.My family are not very involved as my Mother is mentally ill and has drink problems and my Dad and I hardly know each other. My sister rings me to see how I am but I can’t help feeling like I want to be left alone.I don’t know how to cope and I just want my baby to be OK. If it dies or gets taken away I’ll just want to pretend that I was never pregnant in the first place.Does any one have a story like this? It would help if I felt like I was not the only one.April Golden just to remind you I live in the UK.Being pregnant doesn’t cost me anything because of the NHS.If I do have Obstetric Cholestiasis there is a chance that I won’t even have a baby to spend money on.
A: at least you are still pregnant. It always hurts when i see/hear women who wish they “never were pregnant” Granted is not always a pice of cake.. its still wonderful and amazing– you’re growing a baby– not ‘easy’ work.My story…I was having a rough pregnancy also.. at my 17week scan~ No heartbeat I had heard the heartbeat 4 days earlier at the dr’s office 161bpm . My baby had died. That was a Friday. On the monday I found out the fetus was too large for a D&C so i had no choice but to labour and deliver– an experience I wouldn’t wish upon my most hated enemy. I named her Haylo. You’re very lucky and soon tyou will have a beautiufl baby and all the discomfort you’re experiencing will be well worth it in the end, and only once your baby is here will you truly understand that. Its 9 months of your life, not an eternity. I’m sure..in fact I know, you are not the only one to experience discomfort during pregnancy, however its temporary. You are very lucky. Cherish it.
Stabbing pains during period?
Q: Yesterday was the third day of my period and thats when i usually get the worst pain ever. I was walking to my car and then out of no where I got this pain and instantly I had to bend over and keep from screaming out of pain. It went away after about a minute but thenonce I sat in the car it came back and I could not fully sit down with out it hurting more nor could I bend over without it hurting. I had to have my FIance turn the car around and take me back home, it was so horrible I even started crying. The pain is so bad that it starts to make me sweat an feel very light headed. The only way I can explain the pain is it feels like someone has a knife inside me and just turning the knife around in my cervix and and out my behind then sharp pressure pains shoot to my back area which makes it painful to sit. This usually happens the second or third day but it seems like each month the pains are becoming more intense. It even hurts sometimes when I have to use the restroom. I’m 23 years old and all my pap smears have came back normal. I did have a misscarriage about 3 years ago and they had to take out the dead fetus as if they were giving me an abortion and thats when my cramps have just been getting worse. Any body have any advie on how I can stop these pains or why i am even getting these pains. All answers are much appreciated.
A: You should go to a gynaecologist and have this investigated. It sounds to me like it could well be something called endometriosis where the tissue that lines the womb (the endometrium) is also growing in places where it shouldn’t, like in your peritoneal cavity or around the bowel. It’s a fairly common thing to happen in women and is Very painful, as you describe.There are treatments for it, which can help the pain a lot. Please go and see a Dr and find out what is causing this, as it is not normal.Best of luck.
Ectopic Pregnancy??? HELP AND ADVISE PLEASEEEE!?!?
Q: Hi I (22 Years old) and my Boyfriend (27 years old) have been TTC for 6/7 months now. But I have a problem I’m worried about! I’m going to lay out my symptoms:*Missed period by 12 days.*Lower back pain.*Lower Abdomen Ache (it feels like I have pulled my stomach muscle).*On and off tension headaches, nausea and light headed.*Tender lower stomach (when lightly pressed)*Slightly Sore breast and nipples < only noticed this last night and this morning.*Clear discharge – Also I’ve noticed my Cervix is closed and has moved up and gone soft in the last few days.*Hormonal out bursts!*Eating a lot more, getting hungry quicker.But my worry is – I have now taken 4 separate pregnancy test which all confirmed NEGATIVE?!I phoned up the NHS Direct last night to ask for advice and they have arranged a blood test for me tomorrow – which I wont get any result from for ages.But they told me there is a chance it could be an Ectopic Pregnancy.Please help me with answering a few questions I have about Ectopic Pregnancy if you can, as I haven’t got a clue what to think and I’m scared.1)If you have an Ectopic Pregnancy does this give you Negative pregnancy test readings with a HPT?2)This may seem like a stupid question but I have to ask – Is there an operation you can have to move the egg into your womb that will allow you to still have the baby or does having a Ectopic Pregnancy mean there is absolutely no way that egg will survive?3)What happens if you have been diagnosed with Ectopic Pregnancy – do you need to have an Operation anyway? If so what is the procedure and does it hurt?Any help and advice or experience would be so greatly appreciated. It may not even be that but then why would I have all these symptoms but no baby!? I’m so scared about it.Please help! Thank you… x
A: im sorry to hear you have to go threw this, i know the feeling i had an etopic pregnancy last year however, mine was caught at a very early stage so i didnt experience any pain because the pregnancy had to be terminated right away… its a hard thing to go threw but you will get threw it and it is possible to have a normal pregnancy afterwards im 38 weeks pregnant now :]1. when i took the test it came out possitive but that was at my doctors office my best advise is to get in and get everything cleared by him/her before you stress yourself out more hun2. sadly no. there is no way to move the egg from the felopean tube to the uterus i asked the same thing… :[ 3. Depending on how far along you are depends weather or not you need surgery,,,, if its early enough like in my case you will get admitted into the hospital and receive and injection that will desolve (cant spell lol ) the egg and it will flush out of your system in aweek or so its not painful at all… however if you keep waiting the baby keeps growing and your tube may bust that is extremely painful and i am pretty sure they have to do surgery for something like that..i hope this helped good luck god bless
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