5 Reasons Why Terrelle Pryor is a Bad Fit for the Raiders

The supplemental draft took place on Monday, and while it usually isn’t very well publicized, this year is an exception.

The inclusion of former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor was a noteworthy participant. He was selected by the Oakland Raiders, who forfeited a third-round pick in next year’s draft for the rights to Pryor.

While the Raiders motivations may have been sound, their reasoning wasn’t.

Here is why Pryor is bad fit with in Oakland:

Not a Great Quarterback

Pryor is system quarterback. Ohio State is a great football school with a great system. Pryor was an average quarterback in college with a great system around him.

On the Raiders, he won’t be familiar with the system, and his team won’t be one of the best in the nation. His run-and-gun style won’t be a fit with the Raiders or, really, in the NFL in general.

Never Played Wide Receiver

There is word that the Raiders might try Pryor at wide receiver. This could be an interesting idea, but with many caveats.

First and foremost, he’s not a wide receiver, he’s a quarterback. He’s fast and agile, but who knows how good his hands are and if he can run routes.

Granted, those aren’t huge concerns, but it’s certainly something to consider when you spend a third-round pick on him.

Also, the Raiders have a lot of wide receivers already. Most are injury-prone, but if everyone is healthy it’s difficult to imagine Pryor getting many opportunities.

Cost Too Much

I’m not sure if this is a reason for a bad pick. But most analysts were expecting he would go for fourth- or fifth-rounder at best.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter predicted the fifth round, for example, and claimed that anything higher would be an overpay.

It is difficult to properly value a mid-round pick, but depending on Pryor’s output, that could retroactively be determined.

Could Be Another Al Davis “Combine” Pick

Everyone knows Al Davis loves players based on their workouts. Pryor must have had a great workout in front of Raiders personnel to justify his price.

Let’s hope that the Raiders did a bit more research than 40-yard dash times. Otherwise, we might be in line for another DHB.

Remember his great combine? Career highlight thus far.


No matter where Pryor attempts to play, he is blocked by quite a few players. I suppose he should be regarded like a third-round pick, but his short amount of practice time with the team will leave him very low on the depth chart. I see him supplanting Kyle Boller, as the No. 3 QB.

As a wideout, I suppose he could be in the Raiders top 10. But to expect anything from him this season seems a bit foolish.

I don’t know what to expect out of Pryor, but my expectations are low, and I still don’t think this will pan out as a good decision by the Raiders.

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