5 Tips for Owning a Portable Generator

Thousands of people own portable generators in case an emergency strikes. During power outages, these machines can prove invaluable. However, a person needs to keep the machine in working condition and be careful around it to avoid any issues. Nothing is worse than trying to fire up a generator during an emergency and finding out that it does not work. Also, there are certain things a person should not do while using one. Here are some tips for owners.

1. Be aware of the possible dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is always a potential danger when a portable generator is around and running. Therefore, a homeowner should always use it in an open space, preferably one that is at least ten feet away from the house. Otherwise, anyone in the house is being put in unnecessary danger. This is not an issue when the machine is in storage and turned off though. It is still something that everyone should be aware of.

2. Fully test the generator every once in awhile to ensure it works.

What is the point of owning the device if it does not work when someone needs it? With that in mind, a homeowner should test the machine every six months or so to make sure that it works. A full test with everything running off the generator is the best thing to do. That way any issues can be taken care of in a non-emergency situation. Afterward, it will be ready to go in case of an actual disaster.

3. Have all necessary equipment and resources available near the machine.

The last thing someone wants to do when a generator needs to be used is to have to search around for all power transfer switches, extension cords, and fuel canisters. All of these items should be stored close to the machine to make things easier during a disaster. Without a doubt, it is very difficult to search around for everything. So then, all equipment should be stored in one general area. Anything less is just asking for trouble.

4. Carry out maintenance on the device every once in awhile.

Do not let the machine just build up dust in the garage. Every once in awhile, a person should clean the machine and make sure that there is nothing wrong with it. That involves wiping it down, tightening any lose bolts, and whatever else comes up. Letting the machine become dirty could lead to problems starting it up later on. On that note, proper maintenance is key to preventing any issues later on as with anything else.

5. Do not put the portable generator away in storage where it is hard to reach.

Some people make the mistake of storing a portable generator in storage. And no, that does not mean the garage or something close to the house. Locking the device away in a storage center a few miles from home is a horrible idea. Even placing it in the storage shed in the backyard and in the very back of it can cause some issues. Without a doubt, all generators should be stored somewhere where they can easily be accessed.

Do you own a portable generator?

In most cases, owning a portable generator pays dividends at least once or twice over the years. They can prove invaluable in many situations and going out to buy one is a smart idea. These machines are dependable and can typically power all of the electrical devices that a person needs to use during a blackout or other situation. How can you argue with that?

For more information, visit Why You Should Consider Owning a Portable Generator.

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