5 Tips to Catch Crappie from the Shore of Lake Isabella California

Lake Isabella is a beautiful lake in Southern California. This year round retreat can be found on the northern end of Kern County, and is fed by the Kern River. This lake offers year round enjoyment of various types of watersports. In particular, Lake Isabella offers many fishing opportunities.

Lake Isabella is home to Rainbow Trout, Alpers Trout, Big Mouth Bass, Striper, Crappie, various Catfish, and Baitfish. Crappie is known for being a delicious fish. So it is always a favorite at Lake Isabella.

Follow these tips below to try and catch some Crappie in Lake Isabella:

Fish The Cover

Lake Isabella has several points that offer cover that Crappie and Bass like to hide in. So find, and fish that cover. Rocks, underwater trees, manmade submerged objects, and other geographical features of the lake can be used to your advantage.

Some points of interest would be Piney Point on the South side of the lake where all the pine trees are due to the rocks in the water, French Gulch on the Northwest side of the lake in all the rocks, on the east side of the lake where the wilderness zone in all the underwater trees, and where the Kern river meets the lake on the North side in the submerged trees.

What Bait to use?

Baitfish is great for catching Crappie. Grab some minnows from one of the local Bait shops, and keep them alive for the duration of your trip. You can place them in an aerated bait tank for about $15.00. To use the minnows, hook your hook under the mouth, and out above the mouth. The intent is to keep the fish alive. Attach a small spilt shot about 18 inches from the hook. Use more weight if you are trying to reach a deeper depth.

You can use the minnows two ways. Use them like a lure by casting it out, and reeling it in close to the top of the water. This technique is best for the times when the fish seem to be aggressive. The other is to let the bait sink, and then coax the fish into striking. Jerk the minnow a little, and then let it settle for a bit. The intent is to aggravate the Crappie into striking. This technique is for slow or cold days.

Crappies Swim in Schools

Keep in mind that Crappie stay in schools together. If you catch one Crappie, there are more in the same spot. Fish the same spot in similar ways until you quit catching. Once they stop biting, fish around a bit until you can find where the school has moved to.

Know the temperature

If it is too warm or too cold the Crappie will go deeper into the lake, and you will be unlikely to catch them without a boat. Fish for Crappie when it is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit from the shore. If it gets much colder or warmer you can still catch Crappie, but will have to fish deeper.

Know the limit

Crappie is limited to 25 caught per day. Keep this limit in mind, and do your best to fill it. These fish taste incredible when battered and fried, just do not get over zealous and get in trouble with the law.

If you follow these tips you will be pulling in Crappie all day long and soon reach your limit. Crappie fishing techniques are similar to Bass techniques, so you may end up with an additional surprise or two as well. Have a great time with your trip to Lake Isabella.

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