5 Tips to Get Closer to Your Teen

My teenage daughter is almost 14 years old, so I have learned a thing or two about what to do and what not to do. She is my oldest of three, so I will be more prepared when the other two become teens. It is true that each child is different, but all teens want the same basic things. When wanting to get closer to your teenager, there are many things that can help the process. Try these five tips to get closer to your teenage son or daughter.

#1 Dress the part

I didn’t like this at first, but I have learned to live with it. When hanging out with my teenage daughter, it helps if I dress in a way that is not embarrassing to her in any way. It is a small compromise to change my dress shirt after church or put on a pair of skinny jeans so I can spend quality time with my daughter. She won’t be embarrassed, and I get to feel young and trendy.

#2 Get involved in things they like

Get involved in the things your teen likes by taking them places that they will enjoy or by participating in things they find pleasure in at home. This may mean listening to music they like or taking them to play laser tag or paintball. Be ready to dive in and enjoy yourself with your teenager.

#3 Allow them to talk openly

Allow your teen to talk openly to you. They need to feel confident that they can be themselves without being judged or criticized for speaking their mind. The teenage years are a time of transition when your son or daughter is trying to figure out who they are, so try to keep in mind that what they say now may change next month.

#4 Create an environment that is desirable to a teen

Teens like to have a cool environment to hang out in. They appreciate plenty of snacks and things to keep them occupied. It will mean a lot to your teen if you keep the pantry stocked with snacks they enjoy, and provide them with a place of their own to hang out.

#5 Get to know their friends

Now that they have an inviting environment, it is time to invite their friends over. If you know their friends and their friends know and like you, they are more likely to bring them to the house to hang out. Teens want a cool place to hang out where they can be themselves. They don’t want a parent hovering over them and correcting them in front of their peers. Keep that for when the two of you are alone.

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