5 Unique Storage Ideas for Your Home

Reduce clutter in your living spaces and keep everyone organized with the right set of storage units. Storing items on a shelf or inside a cupboard don’t always make your living space aesthetically pleasing–or comfortable. Toys, DVDs, books, magazines and other items can be stored neatly and safely in storage units that are designed to enhance the living area and also help you find what you need with ease. Whether you’re trying to organize the home office or a children’s playroom, invest in a few key storage units and accessories to keep clutter at bay.

Here are five unique storage ideas for your home:

#1: Cantilevered Cabinets

If you have a very small living room or family room and need space to store a television, DVDs, books and media devices, consider putting everything on a cantilevered cabinet instead of a standard TV stand. These cabinets cover an entire wall and can be lit from beneath to create the illusion of a floating storage unit.

#2: Suspended Wall Shelves

When you’re trying to keep books, papers, folders and small storage boxes organized in the home office, install a suspended wall shelf that cascades down or across an empty wall to save on space. These shelves can keep smaller items away from the workspace and also make the entire room more visually appealing. Look for units with different sizes of shelves within the unit to create an eye-catching display in any room.

#3: Floating Ledges

If you have a lot of knick-knacks, candles and other small items to display in the living room or dining area, install a set of cascading floating ledges on an empty wall and place similar-sized items together on these shelves. Floating ledges will give you some shelf space without having to place an entire bookshelf or large shelving unit in the living or dining area. You can install these in a zigzag pattern or stagger them to create a unique visual effect.

#4: Stackable Canisters for the Kitchen

Store snacks, cereals, dry pastas and baked goods in a visually-appealing way with a set of clear, stackable canisters. These canisters will save you some space in your kitchen cabinets and can be a colorful addition to any empty kitchen counter. Stick with high-quality glass or plastic canisters with an airtight seal and flip ring lids that are easy to open. Store these right on the counter, the kitchen island or on a small kitchen cart.

#5: Storage Ottomans

Save space in a living room or bedroom with a tapered or traditional storage ottoman. These polished pieces of furniture can double as coffee tables and storage units. Small cubes can double as seats or foot stools, while larger bench-style units can be converted into a table. You’ll find these made with a variety of material coverings including faux leather, microsuede, vinyl, wood and printed fabrics to complement any room’s décor.

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