5 Ways for Parents to Manage Stress at Home

Our economy might be suffering right now, but people must still continue to spend in order to revive it. Despite the rise in the unemployment rate, we still must go on with our daily lives and do what we usually do or perhaps change some of our lifestyles to keep on going.

It is no secret. Families everywhere have been affected by this economic crisis one way or the other. If not you directly, someone close to you, either a family, friend or relative has been hit financially. If you are the breadwinner in your family, your ability to afford your family’s lifestyle put a great burden and stress on your part, the minute you take a financial hit.

The stress that comes from not being able to provide for your family could take a toll on your health. Instead of keeping it to yourself, try to get your family involved in tackling down family issues. You, as the parent, should set a good example for your children.

So, how and where do we begin? There are five ways to manage stress at your home.

Understand your family’s current lifestyle and prioritize it accordingly. Before gathering all your children together, let your spouse in with the current issues, frustrations and decisions you may have. Try to come up with a game plan. For example, if your family is used to traveling 3 times a year, you may have to forego your travel plans, instead, do a “staycation” this year in order to maintain a “financially sound” family budget.

Communicate and educate. It is good to get your children involved in what’s going on around us. Although you may be tempted to say, “we are broke and we need money,” there is such a thing as a therapeutic communication. You can let them in about what’s going on in the economy and how it directly affect every family financially (not just yours), and explain that as a family, each one of you needs to be a part of the solution. In doing so, you are able to address your family’s financial concerns without putting the blame on anybody, instead it opens up the communication line in finding ways to spending wisely and saving smartly as a family.

Keep yourself healthy. Stress can take a toll on your health. Stress can lead to sleep deprivation, unhealthy eating habits and perhaps picking up new unhealthy habits (drinking, smoking). Don’t let this happen to you. Try to find ways to keep you and your family healthy. Get out and go for a walk. Eat more vegetables. If you find it difficult to do these things on your own, try to find a support group that can help you and your family through trying times. The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone.

Create a healthy environment. One thing that you don’t want to end up doing is letting go of yourself, your family, your children and your surroundings. Your mind will work better in a healthy environment. Try to clutter-free your space, clean your house or better yet, ask your family to do some garage or yard sale. Not only are you maintaining a healthier environment, your family can also make some money if you clean up your space and get rid of unwanted stuff.

Re-invent yourself. Start over and replace your bad habits with healthy ones. This may be impossible to do on your own. I suggest finding a free support group to help you either quit smoking or finding a healthier way to eat. Not only are you doing good for your health, you will also be able to save some money from getting rid of expensive vices such as smoking.

Find out if you are stressed out.

Source: American Psychological Association

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