5 Ways to Create a Snow White Wedding

Weddings are a beautiful time of new beginnings. White wedding dresses are traditionally worn by the bride. White is a color associated with purity, goodness and light. Creating a snow white wedding is a beautiful way to celebrate the goodness in your life. There are many things that can be done to aid in creating a snow white wedding. Here are five.

Decorate With White Roses

White roses are stunning and have a delicate and delightful aroma. The white rose or bridal rose symbolizes a happy love. Decorate your wedding with white roses and rose petals. White silk rose petals make for a beautiful decoration around vases, food, and the wedding cake. White roses are a breathtaking way to create a snow white wedding.

Let it Snow

For a dramatic effect let it snow at your wedding with a snow machine. Using a snow machine would be ideal at an outdoor wedding. Snow machines can be purchased as well as rented. Another way to create snow, snowballs, snowflake and more is with artificial snow-making powder. Using spray snow allows you to decorate mirrors, windows, and tree branches. Creating a snow white wedding is easy with the many uses of fake snow.

Frosted Wine Glasses

Frosted wine glasses are another way to create an illusion of a snow white wedding. Frosted wine glasses are perfect for serving champagne. Purchase frosted wine glasses or make them yourself with spray-on glass frosting. After the wedding take them home as a wedding gift to yourself.

White Chocolate

Not only is white chocolate delicious it can be used as an edible decoration. Purchase chocolate molds and white chocolate melting wafers from a craft store or cake decorating store. Heart molds or rose molds would be perfect for a wedding. Using heart and rose molds would make for a beautiful assortment.

Snow White Buttercream Frosting

A snow white wedding has to have a cake topped with snow white frosting. If ordering your wedding cake be sure to tell the baker that you want the frosting to be as white as snow. When making your own frosting Wilton offers a recipe for Snow White Buttercream Icing.

Use these ideas to create a beautiful snow white wedding or a snowy atmosphere for any special occasion.

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