5 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Cake

A wedding cake is important to many couples. Not only do many guests enjoy it, but it also comes with several traditions. There is the cake cutting ceremony, as well as the tradition of eating a piece of leftover wedding cake on your one year anniversary for good luck. If you’re on a budget, however, a cake may seem like just another expense. Here are five easy ways to save money on your wedding cake.

1. Choose the Right Bakery

It can be tempting to want to use the most popular wedding cake bakery in town. Remember that popularity means that there’s a higher demand, which usually means a higher cost. The key is to find a bakery which doesn’t specialize in wedding cakes. These bakers generally offer more affordable rates. Grocery store bakeries and culinary schools often offer affordable options.

2. Consider a Cake with Fewer Tiers

Be realistic about the wedding cake size that you really need. A four or five tier wedding cake can be alluring, but most couples only need two or three tiers. If you want to add extra tiers, consider opting for artificial tiers. Styrofoam can be decorated to look like a real tier and will also cost less.

3. Have the Guests Served From a Sheet Cake

Styrofoam wedding cakes have gained a lot of popularity in recent times. In fact, at many weddings, guests will be served from sheet cakes. You may have several Styrofoam tiers which are designed to look like a cake, with one smaller tier on top for the bride and groom to cut. Then, the cake disappears and the guests are served from sheet cakes, which are much less expensive – and no one will ever know! This can save a bundle of money.

4. Opt for a Simpler Wedding Cake Design

Wedding cakes nowadays can be very elaborate. Whether you are thinking about opting for a Damask-styled cake or a Cinderella castle cake with an attached pumpkin carriage, it may be wise to think again. White cakes with a few flowers scattered on the tiers can be a less expensive option. You will end up spending more money on a more complicated wedding cake design because more time will be spent creating it.

5. Avoid Packages That Offer Wedding Cakes

Wedding venues and caterers sometimes offer the cake as part of the package for your reception. They generally do not make the cakes themselves, however. The cake will be purchased from a baker, and you will be charged more per slice. A package can seem like you’re getting a deal, but purchasing directly from the baker can cut costs.

These are just a few of the ways you can save money on your wedding cake. You may also want to think about wedding cake alternatives, such as cupcakes or pies, if you’re trying to save money.

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