6 Best Video Game Soundtracks

Music in video games has grown from being a series of computerized notes to full orchestras and choirs. Nowadays, the best video game soundtracks are able to leave an impression on those who play the titles. Even though professional critics may discount video game composers as opposed to classical ones, they nevertheless are significant because of how they immerse the player into the game world. Everyone who has played Super Mario, for example, can recognize the theme. Although the soundtrack is not the most integral part of a video game, composers that are able to weave their songs into the gameplay separate great games from truly standout ones. And thus, a list of the top video game soundtracks:

The beautifully orchestrated music in the Halo series completely captures the essence of the science fiction shooter. Ranging from the Gregorian chant-like intro to the pitter of the Flood, the soundtrack adds another level of depth to the game that is already thrilling enough without. It smoothly transitions from expansive themes when outside to faster cadences in cramped tunnels crawling with Covenant. Listening to the music while playing emphasizes the idea of the one-man army out to defeat an entire alien race.

The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion’s diverse landscapes are complemented by the dynamic contrast and quick development from quiet nature melodies to faster, more expressive movements. As the storyline progresses and more locations are discovered, the music grows more varied. Even though there is little to no transition from one piece to the next as the character travels or encounters enemies, they are nevertheless expressive and heighten the game experience.

Valve’s Portal is most known for its credits song, “Still Alive,” but its in-game music is still extremely well done. For a first-person puzzle platformer, the sound completely fits the theme of the game and is soft enough to let players concentrate on what makes the game so appealing. Of course, the main feature is the song at the end, which is reward enough for completing the game.

Chrono Trigger, released on the Super NES, has an engaging soundtrack despite the limited sound capabilities of its platform. From slow, melancholy tunes to light and quick ones, Chrono Trigger has it all. The rubato elements create a sense of freedom in the game, reflecting how the characters easily time travel throughout the story.

The Final Fantasy series has deeply immersing music that genuinely engages the players in the game. Composed by Nobuo Uematsu, who also helped create the Chrono Trigger soundtrack, many of the games in the series feature a full symphony that blend seamlessly with the story. For example, the Dark World theme in Final Fantasy 6 includes wind effects to match the setting. With incredibly moving music, Final Fantasy has one of the best soundtracks to be found in video games.

And of course, Super Mario.

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