6 Slimming Snacks to Take to Work

Surviving a day at the office requires intelligence, time management skills — and a good supply of snacks. If your snack habits revolve around donuts in the lunchroom and the vending machine in the cafeteria, you may experience sugar highs…and lows. Not to mention an expanding waistline that will give you an unwelcome reason for shopping.

Kick that sugar-and-white-flour routine and substitute these tasty and healthy treats:

Whole Foods Market pretzels and soy crisps: Got a Whole Foods market near you? Get smart and head for rich in protein soy crisps. Crunchy, just salty enough, and satisfying! One warning: one crisp is never enough — but that’s okay because they’re low-calorie! Have to watch your salt intake but love to munch? Try the unsalted pretzels – perfect! New Marathon Smart Stuff bars: Sweet without excess sugar, the Smart Stuff bars include healthy ingredients like cranberries and blueberries, with fiber to keep you full and vitamins and minerals to keep you energized. Just 140 calories per satisfying bar! Pre Zero Probiotic Enhancer drink: You’re thirsty and just about to head to the soft drink machine, right? Wrong! Keep these on hand: Zero calories, filled wtih probiotics to keep your tummy healthy and happy, these sugar-free beverages taste so great, you’ll double-check to make sure that they’re really zero calories (they are!). Fiber One Chewy Oats & Peanut Butter bars: High in fiber and taste, these blissfully chewy bars are perfect for getting you through a busy morning or afternoon at the office. Skip breakfast? Have these on hand as the perfect substitute!

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