6th Sense

Psychics are people who are more in touch with their sixth sense. They use this gift to help other people resolve issues in their lives.

Remote viewing is the skill of using the mind’s third eye to see things that are far away in time and space. What is seen could be located anywhere in the world in the past or in the future.

Psychics have been doing this for years and though many people doubt them, there is something to be said for their ability. The belief in remote viewing is more readily acceptable in most Asian countries, most notably in India. They’ve had documented experiences to which they refer to from time to time.

The third eye, or the Eye of Shiva, is located in the center of your forehead midway between your two normal eyes. The “opening” of this eye is not easy and requires immense amounts of practice and patience. Only when you have overcome your sense of taste, smell, touch, sight and sound can you open your third eye. These five senses are what bind you to the physical world. They are the barriers you need to overcome to remote view. Psychics know how to do this.

You need to clear your mind of any kind of thoughts and control your imagination. Empty your mind of everything and become like an empty pot. This is the first step and is surprisingly hard to do. You’d think that thinking about nothing is a snap but not really. Try it right now and see. Think of nothing for just 30 seconds. Bet you can’t. At first, just practice this. Think of it as a type of meditation. Psychics need to be adept at this skill for their various readings.

Once you are adept at this, then you need to start developing your eye. Let the images form on their own. The “target” will reveal itself to you in its own time. Don’t push it. You’ll lose and might even push yourself back a few steps. Remember, patience is most definitely a virtue in this case.

Psychics will NEVER do this with bad intentions or for personal gain. It’ll never work. Studies have shown that the effects are never what are intended and that people end up suffering should they try. Bottom line is that it’s just not worth the price you end up paying. A lot of people worry about the legitimate aspects of this practice. Fair enough. This is a very powerful tool and to have it in the wrong hands can be a disaster. Most psychics will know that you aren’t happy as your energy will affect the viewing. They’ll be more than happy to see you go.

Rachel Saxon works for the psychic & metaphysical arena and is a reiki master.

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