7 Bad Habits that Annoy Your Co-workers

When you take your selfish habits into the workplace, you won’t be scoring any points with your co-workers. Instead, you are creating your own hostile workplace. Before you decide it’s all your co-workers fault for your working environment, are your bad habits annoying your co-workers?

Surf the Internet while you should be working

For many who work in an office environment, this is one of the things that annoys your co-workers the most. For those who don’t work in an office, watching co-workers surf the net on their iPhones creates an equally pissy workplace.

Talking on your cell phone non stop

No matter where you work, seeing your co-workers on their cell phones non-stop with family and friends is as annoying as surfing the Internet. For the love of your co-workers and your sanity, turn the phone off and put it away. You’re at work, not at the playground trying to make the next hookup with whoever.

Taking long lunches and breaks

If you really need more than an hour for lunch, you really need to manage your time better. On occasion you will get a flat, run out of gas, or your doctors appointment will take longer than expected, but consider how much strain you are putting on your co-workers when you are late coming back from lunch or breaks. They want to eat and sit down like you do.

Not answering the work phone

Joe isn’t the only person capable of answering the phone at work and helping customers. That is part of your job description.

Not staying late

Yes, staying late at your job does happen. More orders means more work which leads to more hours and a bigger paycheck.

Calling in sick on busy days

This is one thing that always bothered me about people who will work when it’s slow, but won’t work on days it is busy. When three of the five people in a department call in sick on a busy day, it makes it a longer day for those who show up. This means those who show up work double shifts, get less sleep, eat less and get sick more often. All hell breaks loose when they call in sick from the slackers.

Leaving early

Leaving early three or four days out of your work week leads to workload that leaves your co-workers feeling used and abused by you. Your boss doesn’t care if your co-worker is now on work hour 11 because they are going home on time.


Alexandra Gakas; 8 Habits of Highly Productive People Yahoo! Shine

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