7 Common Sense Ideas to Fix America’s Financial Crisis

The problem with the financial situation of America is founded on the incompetence of our politicians in their failure to understand economics, general accounting, and business practices. If any business or even taxpayer ran their company or home like our politicians run the Federal government, we would be bankrupt and homeless by the end of the year. It is unconscionable that they continue to act so irresponsible in the face of this financial crisis in America. However, it is not unexpected as most, if not all, politicians are millionaires, therefore have no clue what living paycheck to paycheck means. The root cause of our financial situation is the blatant spending on pet projects, foreign aid, corporate subsidies, unnecessary bailouts, excessive waste, and fraud. Most of this is unregulated with no oversight.

The lack of common sense decision-making is overwhelming in Washington. Americans are already at their financial breaking point yet Washington is suggesting we need to raise taxes to bail out the country because of the foolish decisions they made. Accusations that Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare costs are too high and need to be overhauled is just a smoke screen to cover up the real problem. What is eating up America’s budget is the mismanagement of revenue and underhanded additions the politicians add into bills to fund various pork projects they want.

There are several common sense and easy ways to bring our country back to financial stability. All that stands in the way is the greed and partisanship of our politicians. Here are 7 ways that we can stop and reverse the financial bleeding of our country.

Stop all foreign aid. Countries cannot be allowed to bleed us dry because of their own miss-management. America should not fund other countries’ militaries or governments. America cannot afford this failed foreign policy anymore. If a disaster occurs, America can offer aid in the form of food, clothing, and shelter, not money. America’s friends can continue to expect aid in the form of information, supplies and equipment. The State department must be limited by Congressional approval each time by how much it is allowed to spend on any aid. This would return millions upon millions of dollars back to our treasury. Pass a law that no bill can be approved in Congress that does not benefit all the states equally. This would eliminate pork projects of individual lawmakers. The federal government should not be funding individual states. Everything they do should be for the benefit of all the states equally. That is the purpose of the Federal government in the first place. Stopping pet projects from slipping into major budget packages could save millions of dollars. Immediately, begin a program to retrieve the bailout monies back from the banks and corporations with interest. This should be done by good financial accounting practices, not by the cooked books procedures our government deploys to make it look like they’re being reimbursed when in reality they lost money instead. Stop oil company subsidies. Stop corporate farm subsidies. Stop subsidizing all private businesses. America is founded on capitalistic principles. Good business practices cause good businesses to succeed. Bad business practices cause bad businesses to fail. Government should not be involved other than to make sure no laws are violated. Do a better job of investigating and detecting fraud in the various programs such as, Welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security Disability, or any social programs where government funds are used. Stop regulating utility companies in regard to programming, territory and competition. Get out of the free market. Government does not have the collective intelligence to micro-manage businesses. Present regulations are stifling competition in a free market causing prices to stay high. Create tax incentives for companies that employ American workers within the 50 states in manufacturing. Add a lost wage import tax to companies that have manufacturing facilities outside the United States. This tax should be in direct proportion to lost wages by Americans at U.S. minimum wage figures. Re-negotiate all trade treaties immediately. Trade should be based on dollar for dollar. If a country wants to sell their goods in the U.S. they must be willing to accept an equal value of American goods. Get rid of the “Favored nation trade status”. Trade with all nations should be equal and fair.

These are just a few changes in policy would save the country billions of dollars as well as generate revenue if implemented. There are many more small steps that could be taken which would improve our financial well being. We are not the world’s keeper. If anything, we are an example of what the world could be. We need not apologize for our failings. Even our failures are better then most countries best times. America is great and will be even greater. We need to make sure good people are elected to office that will exemplify the American Spirit.

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